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Xero verify app

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Before you can go any further, you need to download the Authy desktop app to your desktop. Click the link to the authy. Scroll down to the desktop section and select your operating system from the options listed. Once the Authy authenticator app has downloaded, open it. Building this into the existing app or using existing contact info would have made this easier and more seamless. Even better would be working with apple authentication options for seamless biometric verification.

Find out more here. I had MFA set up already and now you have cleverly disabled that with this mandatory roll out. If you need any further help, please refer to our help article here. I log in and unlike push notifications from other apps eg. Banking app. Hi Olivia, thanks so much for sharing your experience with us — and sorry that the push notification via the Xero Verify app is taking so long to come through.

I will share your experience with my team so we can investigate what may be happening here. If you continue to experience such lengthy delays, please can you raise a case with our Support Team.

I have spoken in depth with my team and there may be a number of reasons why the notification was delayed depending on the device you are using. In many cases, the delay may be being caused by some sort of power-saving settings on your phone. If you are still experiencing issues, we would be really grateful if you can help with our investigations by submitting a case with our Support Team providing the make and model of the device you are using.

Thank you so much for your help! This verify issue is not the greatest for someone that is on Xero 20 to 30 times a day. It is a pain. Do we get an option to ask this verify to sleep for a week or a month and continue on with our password to get in? Xero was supposed to be very convenient and easy.

Hi Rob, can you please raise a case with our support team so we can take a look into what may be happening here and give you a hand? To lock my Xero account with the new mandatory rules is getting in the way of us working today. Now we have to spend valuable time searching the internet for solutions, buy a new iPhone or yet again ring the accountant to ask how to solve a Xero problem. If you are unable to use your mobile phone as a means to verify yourself, you can install an authenticator app on your desktop.

Authy has a desktop authenticator app for Windows and MacOS devices. You can download Authy from here. You can also choose to use a backup email or set security questions if you would prefer to verify your identity another way. I appreciate that using your mobile phone may be more convenient so I have passed your feedback onto my team.

Xero Verify is the only authentication app that allows push notifications to your Xero account. You can also specify a backup email address when you set up MFA — however, using an authentication app is less time consuming and easier.

If you are still experiencing issues, please reach out to our support team here. I really want to Opt Out. Just let me log in with my secure password, please. Hi Simon, it is not mandatory to install Xero Verify if you already use another authenticator app, such as Google Authenticator, FreeOTP, or Authy, on your device to access other accounts e. I have to log out, authenticate when she tries to log in and then relog in myself.

This is worse than the 2 step verification I currently use on ebay and amazon when she logs in. Why is there no facility to have more than one phone to berify. Hi Jackie, thanks for your comment. Can I please clarify the steps you and your bookkeeper are taking — are you both trying to log into Xero using the same credentials username and password?

We strongly advise not to share your password with anyone, including your bookkeeper, to keep your account secure. With Xero, there are no limits on the number of users you can invite into an organisation or client file so we suggest inviting your bookkeeper instead of sharing your login credentials with them. You can find more information about adding a new user to your organisation here.

This is absolute garbage. Still, it did perform as intended and get me set up on the first try. Three stars for actually working, two off for having to do it with yet another app.

There is a better way. Overall a pleasure to work with Xero, but limited email templates and quote layout options as well as font options.

Xero Accounting. Xero Expenses. Xero Me. Xero Practice Manager. Alternatively, you can use the steps below to do this. Click Set up multi-factor authentication to get started. If you're not yet required to set up MFA but want to get started, do this while you're logged in. Click your initials or profile image at the top right of the screen and select Account. Under Additional Security , next to Multi-factor authentication , click Set up.

This will take you to the start of the MFA process. When prompted to choose an authenticator app, select Use my own app. In a separate tab on your web browser, go to the Authy website and follow the steps to download Authy to your desktop. When you enter a phone number, you can select how you receive the verification code. Then, enter the code to get into Authy. Add Xero as an account within Authy.

To find the code or key, return to Xero and click Can't scan the QR code? Enter a setup key instead. Next to Setup Key , click Copy. Go back to the Authy app, click on the plus icon to add an account. Paste the code or key and click Add Account.



Xero verify app.Data safety


Accurate and high quality bookkeeping xero verify app impacts a firm's reputation. The cleaner the books, the more clients are satisfied. However, as firms xero verify app, quality tends to suffer. VERIFYiQ has created a proprietary algorithm veriify catches all of the most common errors and also provides recommendations on how to fix these errors. Imagine the time savings! Even more importantly, apl the confidence your team can have in knowing none of these errors are slipping through to your clients.

This allows team members to fix these errors before a Xero file is submitted for review to a manager. As your cloud firm grows, your remote workforce will likely grow as well. Accountants and bookkeepers shouldn't sacrifice quality over efficiency. Select the review date range, and voila!

Skip to main content. AccountingAccountant toolsand Reporting. Get this app. На этой странице your client's Xero data and catch all of посмотреть больше most common bookkeeping errors.

Reduce labour costs while gaining an extra set of hands. Matthew May. After experiencing growing pains from adding staff and xero verify app differences in work products across the team, we now have the tool to efficiently attack quality control and a scalable solution to consistency for our clients across bookkeepers and accountants.

Really impressed with the way the team takes our feedback and improves the product each zero also. Brian Clare. This is an excellent app for verifying the quality of yours and client books that you work on. Super simple to set up and understand xero verify app what is wrong with the books you're working on.

We've told our clients we use it and they love that there is a software to help verify the quality of our bookkeeping, on xero verify app of our own xero verify app skills. Additional info.

Shared data Xero.


Xero verify app

The Xero Verify app is simple to use. You can receive push notifications for fast authentication, instead of having to open the app and enter a code into Xero. Xero Verify is the only authenticator app that sends push notifications when you log in to Xero. Download Xero Verify from the Apple or Google app store.

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