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If you’ve found yourself reading this article, chances are you’ve made the decision to look into getting hearing aids. Congratulations! You are on your way to improving your quality of life, recognizing sounds you forgot existed, and holding more meaningful conversations.

Before grabbing your credit card, however, there are some important factors to consider before making the purchase. Understanding these six pieces of advice will help you to make the purchase of your first pair of hearing aids as smooth as possible.

  1. Get a Hearing Test – With an Audiologist or Hearing Aid Specialist You Trust
    Your journey to better hearing is a personal one, so it is important you work with a hearing professional that you trust and feel comfortable with. Pay attention to clinic hours. Do they work for you? Would you have to take off of work in order to keep appointments? Once you’ve found the professional who is right for you, the first step is taking a hearing test! Check out our services here at Arizona Balance and Hearing Aids for more information.
  2. Do Your Research & Make a Financial Plan
    Do some searches online to help you determine which hearing aids you think may be right for you. These searches may also help you with the initial sticker shock that is sometimes associated with hearing aids. At the present time, hearing aids are not covered by Medicare nor most private insurance plans. They are typically a large financial investment. There are many options to help alleviate some of this financial stress. Charitable organizations, Vocational Rehabilitation programs, and clinic financing options, are all choices that reduce the initial investment in your aids.
  3. Make a Priority List
    Not everyone has the same priorities and reasons for looking into hearing aids. What ranks highest on your list? Is it hearing your little granddaughter chattering her stories, or does feeling confident in conference calls at work rank higher on your list? Are you a musician or a music lover? Is there a particular hearing aid feature you feel you must have? Is keeping in your budget most important? Spend some time putting together a priority list and be prepared to discuss it with your audiologist. This will help the two of you decide which brand and model are best for you.
  4. Keep Motivated & Stay Positive!
    Speaking of your priority list, keep it in the back of your mind for safe-keeping. As with most medical interventions, there is an adjustment period to hearing aids. It’ll be easier to stay motivated when you remember why you wanted hearing aids in the first place. Keep all your follow-up appointments and communicate with your specialist. If something is not working – say it! Many times a simple adjustment can alleviate an annoying problem.
  5. Have an Open Mind & Realistic Expectations
    It is important to have an open mind when trying hearing aids for the first time. The hearing aid that is best for you may not be the one you have been researching for hours online. Keep an open mind about brands, and models. The perfect aid may not be one you’ve considered before. Also, it is imperative to have realistic expectations. While hearing aid technology has exploded over the past few decades, they still cannot completely replace natural hearing. Just like people with average hearing, you may still experience some difficulty in noisy situations.
  6. Reach Out to Your Support System
    Chances are, those who love you have been effected by your hearing loss for longer than you realize. For some readers, loved ones may be the only reason to consider hearing devices! Starting your journey to better hearing can be financially and emotionally taxing (although worth it). During this time, lean on your support system. Maybe you would feel more comfortable if your daughter came with you to your fittings, or your husband sat by your side during your hearing assessment. Ask them! Your loved ones are there for you and are just as excited about the prospect of hearing aids as you are.

Arizona Balance & Hearing AidsAt Arizona Balance & Hearing Aids, we pride ourselves in providing high quality service at an affordable rate. Reach out to our friendly team today, we look forward to answering your questions and scheduling your first hearing exam!

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