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Oticon OPN Hearing Aid Demo Day
August 26th, 2016! Sometimes there are new advancements in hearing aid technology that you just have to see (or hear!) to believe. That’s exactly the case with the new OPN hearing aid, Oticon’s latest in the BrainHearing line of aids. While every hearing aid has the ability to transform your life for the better, Oticon’s new aid is a breakthrough in hearing aid chip technology that’ll provide the best possible solution for hearing loss.

On Friday, August 26th from 8am to 12pm, Lisa Huston of Oticon will visit our office to help you experience the difference in Oticon OPN. This exclusive demo day is your chance to see how this state-of-the-art technology could change your life for the better.

What makes Oticon OPN such an event for AZ Balance and Hearing Aids? It’s all about the massive steps forward this new aid brings to challenging sound environments. Before you attend our demo day on August 26th, here’s what you should know about Oticon OPN.

What Makes the Oticon OPN different from other aids?

OPN uses Oticon’s exclusive BrainHearing technology, which works in harmony with your brain to provide sound solutions that are more intuitive than other aids. That’s because OPN is constantly working to analyze your sound environment. This aid scans sounds in your environment 100 times per second, and uses this data to adjust for each individual sound.

It wasn’t without a lot of hard work that Oticon developed this game-changing technology. OPN comes from 10 years of research and development, and is 50 times faster than previous technology.

How Will Oticon OPN Help Me?

Oticon OPN is designed to do a couple of things: improve your speech recognition by 30%, and reduces your listening effort by 20%.

First up, speech recognition. The OPN is different in how it focuses on how our brains are meant to process speech with background noise. When it scans your environment, it decides what sounds are most important to understanding speech and adjusts accordingly.

Plus, it adjusts sound in a way that closely matches how your brain perceives particular sounds, which makes the hearing experience more natural. This reduces listening effort by up to 20%, which is simply to say that hearing in challenging environments becomes less tiring. You can enjoy conversations in restaurants, parties and other noisy environments thanks to the OPN’s more advanced processing technology.

The best part of OPN’s technology, however, isn’t just its processing ability. OPN is different in how it processes sound all around you – not just sound right in front of you. You’ll be able to switch between different speakers easily, which means you’re more likely to join into conversations with multiple people.

Oticon OPN knows how to separate noise from sound, and works with your brain to make sense of even the most complicated sound environments. Using more advanced processing as well as its TwinLink technology for your aids to communicate ear-to-ear, these hearing aids are transforming hearing aids.

How Will Oticon OPN Fit Into My Lifestyle?

Oticon OPN follows in the footsteps of other Oticon aids by staying connected to your devices. They can connect to your iPhone and even has downloadable apps via the App Store and Google Play so you can take control of your hearing with the swipe of a finger.

Plus, OPN connects to the internet via If This Then That, a web service that automates web-based functions. That means that these aids can connect to things we use in every day life, including baby monitors, thermostats, door bells and other devices. Find out what products are compatible over at

Don’t miss the chance to find out about this game-changing hearing aid! Visit our office on Friday, August 26th from 8am to 12pm for an exclusive chance to demo Oticon OPN for yourself! To reserve your spot, please call call us at 602-265-9000 (or contact us via "LiveChat").

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AZ Balance and Hearing Aids offers state-of-the-art hearing aids from many leading manufacturers. We are excited to share the many diverse options available on the market. Our Oticon Opn Demo Day is just the first in a series of Demo Day events! Stay tuned for our upcoming Demo Day featuring Siemens and Signia hearing aid products.

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