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It’s a new year – a great time to start afresh. Many Americans make resolutions in the new year, with a high concentration of them revolving around improving one’s health. At Arizona Balance and Hearing Aids, we think it’s important to include hearing health in that list of resolutions. For those of us who use hearing aids to treat hearing loss, the new year is a good time to check in with our devices to see if they’re still functioning optimally. Most hearing aids have a shelf life of five to seven years, so if your devices fit in that timeframe, it’s also a good time to consider an upgrade!

Exciting New Hearing Aid Technology

Both last year in 2017 and this year in 2018, there are exciting new developments in hearing aid technology. Most major hearing aid manufacturers released updated versions of their Made for iPhone hearing aids, which provide wireless connectivity to your smartphones (Androids too!).

Oticon introduced the OPN hearing aid, which provides wearers with an “open sound solution.” Rather than focusing on a narrow cone of sound, wearers experience a wider picture of sound, encouraging the brain to choose where to focus. For folks who have fitness goals for 2018, the OPN comes with a fitness tracking app that also functions as a way to monitor your hearing health.

Rechargeable hearing aids are another important development in the industry, answering a call from consumers for a more sustainable hearing aid option. Rechargeable hearing aids from Phonak (the Audeo B-R), Widex (Beyond) and Signia (the Cellion primax) are simple and easy to use – and they do not require a battery replacement for the life of the hearing aid. This eliminates the need to constantly purchase and change out your batteries, saving both the environment and your money! Pop these hearing aids into their recharging stations overnight and wake up to fully charged aids for a day of listening.

Lifestyle Changes: New Work, Activities, Sports, and Hobbies

Have you decided to pick up white-water rafting in 2018? Are you more physically active than before? Have you gotten a new job that requires new elements in your listening experience? Hearing aid construction and technology has advanced in an incredible way, with moisture and dust resistance thanks to nanocoated materials. To protect your hearing aids from sweat, dirt, and the elements, consider upgrading to a pair of hearing aids with a high IP rating.

There is such a diverse selection of hearing aid models and styles out there that if you have one in mind that might better meet your lifestyle needs, we’ll work with you to find a pair that’s just right.

Your Hearing Aids No Longer Function Properly

Hearing aids are remarkable devices: for their tiny size, they are powerful and work all day. Once you’ve incorporated them into your life, they almost become unnoticeable because they work so seamlessly and naturally. When they do malfunction, it will be obvious in your listening experience. If you’ve noticed lots of whistling or feedback, or if the functions no longer work as well as they once did, bring your hearing aids in for repairs at Arizona Balance and Hearing Aids. Our team will take a look and make the repairs necessary. If your hearing aids have reached the end of their shelf life, then it’s time to consider a new pair.

Changes in Your Hearing Abilities

Our hearing abilities are always changing, which is why it’s important to take annual hearing tests – even if you do use hearing aids to treat your hearing loss. Most hearing aids are designed to accommodate a wide range of degrees of hearing loss. If your hearing abilities have changed beyond the accommodations of your current hearing aids, then an upgrade is necessary to treat your current hearing abilities. It’s important to have the proper prescription with your hearing aids, to ensure your best hearing health.

Visit Us at Arizona Balance & Hearing Aids

If you are interested in upgrading to a new pair of hearing aids, contact us at Arizona Balance and Hearing Aids. Our team will walk you through the many options we have.

If you believe your hearing abilities have changed, it’s important to schedule a hearing test. An annual hearing test gives you the information you need about your hearing abilities to ensure that you’re hearing at your best. At Arizona Balance and Hearing Aids, we provide comprehensive hearing exams and hearing aid fittings. To schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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