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Logic pro x user manual pdf free.MCX is the New MCU

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Remember me on logic pro x user manual pdf free computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Need an account? Click here to sign up. Download Free PDF. Logic pro x user manual pdf free Manual. A short summary of this paper. Download Download PDF. Translate PDF. Shankar M. Department of Mechatronics Engineering 1 Kongu Engineering College Table of Contents Preface Course Objectives 4 1.

Introduction 5 2. ANSYS Basics 12 4. General Analysis Procedure 16 5. Creating the Solid Model 17 6. Creating the Finite Element Model 33 7. Defining the Material ,anual 8. Loading 49 9. Solution 52 Postprocessing 55 Today, the growth in usage of the method is directly attributable to the rapid advances lkgic computer technology in recent years.

In my opinion, no body knows the start and end нажмите чтобы перейти this tool. Mostly in any industries, design and analysis team plays an important role in manufacturing or producing a best component. Frankly speaking, experimental methods are very accurate to predict the results. But it is not a simple and easy task, to do experiments for each and every case.

Experiments are very expensive in cost wise and also very much time consuming process. Only possible way is mathematical concepts.

FEA consists of a computer model of a material or design that is loaded and analyzed for specific results. It is used in new product design, and existing product refinement.

A company is able to verify that a proposed design will be able to perform to the client's specifications prior to manufacturing or детальнее на этой странице. Modifying an existing product or structure is ;df to qualify the product or structure for a new service condition.

In case of logid failure, FEA may be used to help determine the design modifications to meet the new condition. Simple shapes and simple problems can be, and often are, done by hand. Most real world parts and assemblies are far too complex to do accurately, let alone quickly, without use of a computer and appropriate analysis software.

This material is developed logic pro x user manual pdf free based on ANSYS training manual, from other various web sources and books. Hope you will enjoy the training session. Application of this simple idea can be found everywhere in everyday life as well as in engineering.

Why Finite Element Method? There is however a main procedure that most FE investigations take. This procedure is detailed below: Planning the Analysis This is arguably the most important part of any analysis, as it helps ensure the success of the simulation.

Oddly enough, it is usually the kanual analysts leave out. The purpose of an FE analysis is to model the behaviour of a structure under a system of loads. The degree of accuracy to which any system can be modelled is very much dependant on the level of planning that has been carried out. Answers to many questions need to be pxf. Processor Stage The preprocessor stage in general FE packages involves the following: Specifying the title, that is the name of the подробнее на этой странице. This is optional but very useful, especially if a number of design iterations are to be completed on the same base model.

Setting the type of analysis to be used, e. Creating the model. The model is drawn in 1D, 2D or 3D space in the appropriate units M, mm, in, перейти на источник. If a model is drawn in mm for example and the material properties are defined посетить страницу SI units, then the results will be out of scale by factors of The same units should be applied in all directions, otherwise results will be difficult to interpret, or in extreme cases the results will not show up mistakes made during the loading and logic pro x user manual pdf free of the model.

Defining the rpo type, this may be 1D, 2D or 3D, cree specific to the analysis type being carried out you need thermal elements to do thermal analyses. Applying a Mesh. Mesh generation is the process of manua, the analysis continuum into a number of discrete parts or finite elements. The finer the mesh, the better the result, but the longer the analysis time.

The mesh may be created manually, such as the one on the right, or generated automatically like z one below. Logic pro x user manual pdf free the manually created mesh, you will notice that the elements are smaller at the joint. This is known as mesh refinement, logic pro x user manual pdf free it enables the stresses to be captured at the geometric discontinuity the junction.

The mesh is created automatically by a mesh engine; the only requirement is to define the mesh density along the model's edges. Automatic brick element hex meshers are limited in function, but are steadily improving. Any mesh is logic pro x user manual pdf free applied to the model by simply selecting the mesh command on the preprocessor list of the gui. Assigning properties. In addition element properties may need to be set. If 2D elements are being used, the thickness property is required.

Special elements mass, contact, spring, gap, coupling, damper etc. Apply Loads. Some type of load is usually applied to the analysis model. The loads may be applied to a point, an edge, a surface or a even a complete body.

Applying Boundary Conditions. If you apply a load to the model, then in order to stop it accelerating infinitely through the computer's virtual как сообщается здесь mathematically known as a zero pivotat least one constraint or boundary condition must be applied. Structural boundary conditions are usually in the form of zero displacements, thermal BCs are usually specified temperatures, fluid BCs are usually specified pressures.

A boundary condition may be specified to act in all directions x,y,zor in certain directions only. They can be placed on nodes, keypoints, areas or on lines. BC's on lines can be in the form of symmetric or anti-symmetric type boundary logic pro x user manual pdf free, uzer allowing in plane rotations and out of plane translations, the other allowing in plane translations and out of plane rotations for a given line.

The application of correct boundary conditions are a critical to the accurate solution of the design fgee. See the 'Advanced BCs' section for explanations on more advanced boundary condition types.

Solution Stage Thankfully, this part is fully automatic. The pre-solver reads in the model created by the pre-processor and formulates the mathematical representation of the model. All these results are sent to a results file which may be read by the post- processor. They can be presented in the logic pro x user manual pdf free of a table, a contour plot, deformed shape of the component or the mode shapes and natural frequencies odf frequency analysis is involved.

Other results are available for fluids, thermal and electrical analysis types. Продолжить plots are usually the most effective way of viewing results for structural type problems.

Slices can be made through 3D models to facilite the viewing of internal stress patterns. The principal stresses and strains may also be plotted, or if required the yield stresses and strains according to the main theories of failure von mises, St. Venant, Tresca etc. Other information such as the strain energy, plastic strain and creep strain may be obtained for certain types of analyses. A Final Word The finite element method extremely powerful.

However, with comforting contour plots, one can be easily fooled into thinking that a superior result has been achieved. Remember, careful planning is the key to a successful analysis. Sometimes an analysis is not required, as some problems have analytical or imperical solutions, others may be determined using spreadsheets. It depends entirely on what you are simulating and the tools you use for the simulation. We will, however, attempt to give you guidelines throughout this training course.

Why FEA is needed? Other quantities of interest include amount of heat lost or gained, thermal gradients, and thermal flux. Saves the time required to move the mouse over to the Picker and press the Apply button.


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