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Quick Guide to Maintaining Your Hearing Aids.

Compact and powerful, your hearing aids are complex electronic devices that require care for maximum performance and longevity. Incorporating these maintenance routines into your life ensure that your hearing aids will function properly. Your audiologist will give you detailed instructions on how to care for your hearing aids. Here is a quick reference guide with do’s and don’ts.

Hearing Aid "Do's"

Store your hearing aids in a safe spot.

Store your hearing aids in a cool, safe, dry place, inaccessible to children and pets. Hearing aids are small, and their batteries are even smaller. They are choking hazards to small children and pets. Also, if dropped or knocked over, the shock could cause damage to the electrical components.

Check your batteries.

Batteries usually last 1-2 weeks and should be checked daily with a battery tester. Be sure to carry spare batteries with you if you go out, just in case.

Turn off your aids when not in use.

Turn your hearing aid off if you are not using it. Leaving your hearing aids on when not in use will drain them of their batteries.

Keep your aids clean.

Clean hearing aids with a soft, dry cloth. Hearing aids can pick up dirt and dust from daily use. Use a dry, soft cloth to wipe them and apply gentle pressure to avoid damaging any sensitive components.

Wait until morning to remove earwax and debris.

Wait until morning to clean the earwax and debris out of your hearing aids. Earwax will harden and dry out overnight, which lends to easier removal.

Consider getting a dehumidifier.

Some hearing aid manufacturers offer drying and dehumidifying devices in which you place your hearing aids overnight to remove moisture. For hearing aids with rechargeable batteries, there are units comprising of both a battery charger and dehumidifier.

Visit your audiologist.

Bring them in to your hearing professional for regular cleaning and maintenance. Hearing professionals will give your hearing aids a thorough cleaning that includes earwax and debris removal, and will make repairs as needed.

Hearing Aid "Don’ts"

Don't store your aids in the bathroom.

Avoid storing your hearing aids in the bathroom. Bathrooms tend to be more humid and moist than other parts of the house. These conditions could damage hearing aids.

Don't carry your batteries in your pockets with coins

Store your batteries near metal coins and do not remove their stickers until use. These scenarios will reduce the life of your hearing aid batteries. Store your batteries in a cool, dry spot, away from small children and pets.

Never wear your hearing aids while sleeping.

Avoid wearing your hearing aid when you are sleeping. Your ears need a rest, and so do the hearing aids. Take your hearing aids out and store them in a safe dry place while you are sleeping.

Avoid getting your hearing aids wet.

Unless you have a waterproof hearing aid, remember to remove your hearing aids before you take a shower or bath, go to the spa or the pool, or the hairdresser.

Wait to put your aids in until after you are done getting ready.

Remove your hearing aids if you are styling your hair, spraying perfume or cologne, or when you are shaving, and store them in a safe place. These chemicals will muck up the mechanics inside the hearing aid.

Do NOT let your aids get too hot.

Avoid exposing your hearing aids to high levels of heat. Avoid leaving hearing aids in areas that could get very warm, such as in your car during an Arizona summer or near windows.

Never attempt to repair your hearing aids on your own.

Avoid trying to repair your hearing aids on your own. You may inadvertently cause greater damage by attempting to repair your hearing aids. If there are problems, bring your hearing aids in to your audiologist for repairs.

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