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If you're considering seeing an audiologist, you know something is wrong with your hearing. The good news is that you are already leaning toward doing what you know is right (seeing an audiologist).

The even better news is that our team at Arizona Balance & Hearing Aids is waiting for you here in Gilbert, AZ. Gives us a call at (602) 265-9000 or request your consultation right now!

We often take our hearing for granted. The reality is that many people only consider seeing an audiologist once they experience hearing loss. However, they can assist with anything from clearing earwax buildup to conducting thorough hearing tests.

Of course, our audiologists can assist you with more than just hearing loss and earwax. If you have any problems with your hearing, ear health, or balance, they are likely to be the best people to help you.

For example, if you have tinnitus, they can assist you in determining the cause and suggesting treatment options. Similarly, audiologists frequently assist those suffering from vertigo.

Our team of expert audiologists, or hearing specialists, can help you prioritize your ear health. Visit our Gilbert, AZ location for the most personalized hearing care in the state.

Audiology Services in Gilbert, Arizona

Our audiologists at Arizona Balance & Hearing Aids are medical professionals who specialize in hearing loss. These hearing professionals treat everything from hearing loss to tinnitus. We provide a range of hearing services, including:


  • Hearing Aids: Hearing aids have been shown to improve hearing clarity, allowing you to enjoy the sounds you enjoy. At Arizona Balance & Hearing Aids, we carry a wide range of advanced hearing aids in the most recent styles that provide numerous benefits to our patients.

  • Hearing Aid Repairs: Despite their small size, hearing aids contain many sophisticated parts and perform numerous advanced functions every second. Contact our hearing specialists right away if you believe you require professional hearing aid repair services.

  • Hearing Loss: Hearing loss is roughly twice as common in adults with diabetes as in those without the disease, according to a recent study funded by the National Institutes of Health.

    If you are suffering from hearing loss, the first step is to request a consultation and a thorough evaluation from one of our hearing care professionals.

  • Tinnitus: Tinnitus is frequently described as ringing, but it can also be described as clicking, hissing, or roaring. Our skilled audiologists are pleased to provide 5-star tinnitus treatment in Phoenix and Gilbert, Arizona.

Warning Signs to See a Clinical Audiologist in Gilbert, AZ

It's not always obvious when hearing loss first starts. Some of the symptoms may be undetectable because they are subtle. Here are five indicators that you might need to visit a hearing clinic:


  • Hearing loss in noisy environments.

  • Perceiving people as mumbling or speaking too quietly.

  • Turning up the volume on TVs, radios, and other devices.

  • Constantly asking people to repeat themselves.


Take Charge of Your Hearing Health

Are you concerned about your hearing? Do you want to schedule a thorough ear exam in Gilbert, AZ? Our audiology experts at Arizona Balance & Hearing Aids are here to help!

Make an appointment with one of our dedicated physicians by contacting us today. We will work with you to develop a plan of action to address all of your hearing and balance issues.

If you have any general questions or comments for our team, please feel free to use the form below to contact Arizona Balance & Hearing Aids in Phoenix and Gilbert, AZ. If you are interested in scheduling your Hearing Consultation, then please click here to use our appointment request form instead.

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  • Becky H.
    The technology that ABHA used changed my hearing experience greatly!!
    Becky H.
  • Anne B.
    They are so helpful, knowledgeable and enjoyable to work with!
    Anne B.
  • Jan P.
    As always, I received the best customer service from ABHA.
    Jan P.
  • Dan M.
    Every time I have come to this office, they have been very friendly and helpful!!
    Dan M.
  • Gabor V.
    ABHA cares about you and obviously love what they do.
    Gabor V.
  • Ali K.
    I had a great experience at my first appointment yesterday. I was treated extremely well, felt very comfortable with the entire staff, left feeling confident with my treatment plan, did not feel confused about anything regarding price or billing, or insurance. I walked out with my new hearing aids and wish I wouldn’t have waited so long to get treatment. They are practically invisible, very comfortable, and super easy to use. I’m happy!
    Ali K.
  • Tami Jackson
    Excellent care received! This company has gone out of its way to make sure every need of mine is met down to supplying batteries if needed for hearing aids. I feel very well informed about getting hearing aids and what options are available to me. Information and literature were even mailed to my home. Financing has also been addressed. Best experience yet! Thank you.
    Tami Jackson
  • Andi Cummins
    I am thrilled with the service I received from everyone who is employed there…Cammile the physical therapist was very knowledgeable and explained everything… I am sorry that I did not go to see her first… I highly recommend to anybody with a hearing issue.
    Andi Cummins
  • Claudia Alarcon
    I must say congratulations! Since the first phone call, I had a great experience. They have excellent customer service, answer the phone right away without any automated 15-minute wait. I had to contact them again with questions a couple of extra times and they were very helpful and efficient. The appointment was for my toddler son. These are COVID times- so they did a video call first to go over the paperwork and ask additional questions- since when you do the hearing test- you just go directly to the hearing test area. We paid over the phone as well. My husband and I went to the appointment with our son. Dr. Susan Schmidt and the other audiology specialists were great with my son and tried to do it as easily as possible. They did their best at trying to distract him and entertain him. I totally recommend this place.
    Claudia Alarcon
  • Judy Poel
    I came to Arizona Balance and Hearing because I was experiencing positional vertigo. I was treated by Dr. Lambert and with just a few sessions I found great relief for my issue. The staff is friendly and courteous.
    Judy Poel
  • Joe
    The ABHA care providers are real PRO's. Their thorough evaluation and initial report on my vertigo issues impressed my other providers and me too! They didn't dumb it down. They obviously assumed they were dealing with a thinking person who wanted it all, not the oversimplified version.
  • Maria Vaughn
    I had a series of tests done at ABHA which helped my doctors diagnosed what to do next for my vertigo problem. They are very professional as well as friendly and accommodating. Jordan, the Fellow, gave precise and clear instructions throughout the testing process, and afterward, explaining all the results. Dr. Susan Schmidt made sure everything was done well each step of the way. Dr. Camille Lambert’s Physical Therapy includes not only instruction, but reasons for doing that exercise, and what it will help. She’s answered my questions thoroughly and clearly. She’s been encouraging making the experience even more effective. I believe I’ve received the best care!
    Maria Vaughn
  • Penny Pfaelzer
    Everyone here is so professional and caring. Clemente explains everything and Miller makes sure clients are happy. The docs are the best! My husband's hearing aids are our lifesaver and the group at ABHA has made our lives easier.
    Penny Pfaelzer
  • Alfredo Alvarez
    Excellent place for your hearing, or lack of it…The personnel is knowledgeable, and explain everything to you, you can have a good understanding of hearing loss. Thanks for your dedication to improving our hearing!
    Alfredo Alvarez
  • Bill Borenstein
    They were friendly, fast, convenient, reasonable, and thorough. I highly recommend.
    Bill Borenstein
  • Jayson M.
    I came here to get my ears cleaned, and was in and out in 10 minutes. Staff was super nice and overall a great experience. They get my highest recommendation.
    Jayson M.
  • R. Chapman
    Very pleased from walking into the front door to the doctor's office. Excellent customer service. All questions were addressed. This is my second pair of hearing aids. I really like that all my concerns are met. I would highly recommend and have referred customers to go to Arizona & Balance & Hearing.
    R. Chapman
  • Amanda Schneider
    To begin, Miller scheduled my husband and me for an appointment. My husband was scheduled the same day! I was scheduled within 48 hours of my initial contact. The atmosphere of the office is professional, yet relaxed. My appointment was with Jordan. She was very patient with me. She really educated me about hearing. She explained how the hearing aids help my brain. Did you know…In a study that tracked 639 adults for nearly 12 years, Johns Hopkins expert Frank Lin, M.D., Ph. D, and his colleagues found that mild hearing loss doubled dementia risk. Moderate loss tripled risk, and people with severe hearing impairment were five times more likely to develop dementia. I could go on…the office and employees were terrific!
    Amanda Schneider
  • Gabor Vajda
    Visiting ABHA is always a pleasant experience. It is a great welcoming environment. They support you and help you make the right decision. Christine is absolutely wonderful. Knowledgeable and caring.
    Gabor Vajda
  • Flannery Diehl
    This establishment offers only the best in audiological services. I wanted the best and fortunately, we have them here in Phoenix. I am grateful for their care.
    Flannery Diehl
  • Harry M.
    Thanks for making this whole process wonderful.
    Harry M.

The reviews listed are from actual patients of Arizona Balance & Hearing Aids. Individual results may vary. Reviews are not claimed to represent results for everyone.

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