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Jan 29,  · Office , Problem, Windows R2 Microsoft 5 comments I was installing a Windows R2 Remote Desktop Services Host with Microsoft Office when I ran into a strange thing. Every time I started Outlook there was a installation screen, “installing Microsoft Office bit Components ”. Office incluye aplicaciones como Word, Excel, PowerPoint y Outlook. Están disponibles como compra de pago único para su uso en una sola PC. En los planes de Microsoft , se incluyen las versiones premium de estas aplicaciones, además de otros servicios habilitados por Internet, como el almacenamiento online con OneDrive y los minutos. Jun 18,  · Tenemos un Office proffesional plus , y cada vez que iniciamos una de las aplicvaciones nos aparece un mensaje "Espere mientras se configura Microsoft Office Professional Plus ", con lo que tarda unos minutos en abrirse. En Excel, ademas aparece otro mensaje que dice "una de las bibliotecas de objetos (I) falta o está dañada".

Espere mientras windows configura microsoft office standard 2010 free download -

User Manual: acer Aspire - Generic Owner's Guide Free User Guide for Acer software package integrated with the Microsoft Windows operating system Microsoft®, Windows®, Internet Explorer®, Mozilla® Firefox®, Google Chrome™, Safari®, QuickTime®, Windows® Mobile & Symbian® This manual provides the information needed to configure, operate, and maintain the Rimage Prism III printer. For information specific to your autoloader or


Espere mientras windows configura microsoft office standard 2010 free download. 舞妓体験 京都 ぎをん彩


For more information on all technical journeys and the recommended paths to consume these webinars and consultations, visit aka. When looking at the details of objects in Exchange Management Shell, it is often useful to know when an object was created or modified. In a recent Office engagement, the customer was convinced that one of the other administrators had made an unauthorised change to their environment as there was an apparent recent change to the Exchange Hybrid Object.

The details of the this object can be viewed using Get-HybridConfiguration. Note that this post illustrates the discussion using the hybrid object in AD, though it will apply to other cases. This is the 10th of March The admin did not expect to see this date contain a value of as it was over a year since the Exchange Hybrid Configuration Wizard HCW had been executed.

The HCW was last used to update the hybrid SMTP certificate. This certificate has a two year validity and it was not expected to see modifications to the date. Was the HCW executed without permission? Was someone going to have a meeting without coffee? Stay tuned…. This is a lab repro so that screenshots can be used. In this lab there are three domain controllers.

The lab contains Exchange servers. The reason that there whenCreated dates are quite different is due to the different OS versions used by the DCs. Exchange has added support for newer versions of AD, and this is reflected in the dates below. The oldest server is Windows , then R2 and finally the newest one is Windows Server You may have noted the DCPromo date of the Windows Server DC, it is the 10th of March at PM.

What if we take a look at how each of the DCs reports the whenChanged value of the object. Since there are three DCs in the environment, we will run the same command three times and use the —DomainController switch to interrogate them one by one. Note that we see different timestamps on each the DCs for the whenChanged value.

The newest DC, the server, has the most recent whenChanged value. Though the older two DCs have slightly different values. Is this some mystery with the Exchange Management Shell? Lets see what AD has to say on its own. Hmm — this timestamp is unsurprisingly the same as what we saw in the Exchange Management Shell.

whenCreated is not a replicated attribute. It is updated when a local write occurs which is why you see different values on each of the domain controllers. The difference between the original two DCs is small as this is the replication latency, at that time both DCs were installed.

Many months later the Windows Server DC was installed. This server was promoted and during the initial directory replication local copies of the existing objects were created. From the AD Schema documentation When-Changed attribute. This value is not replicated and exists in the global catalog. At Microsoft Ignite , Outlook for iOS and Android announced support for deploying managed device general app configuration settings for Office mailboxes and on-premises mailboxes leveraging hybrid modern authentication.

This capability leverages either the Managed App Configuration for iOS or the Android managed configurations to enable MDM solutions to push configuration settings. Today, we are announcing the availability of new functionality within Intune that enables admins to easily deploy general app configuration to Outlook for iOS and Android via App configuration policies.

This new functionality allows IT admins to configure the default behavior for several settings within Outlook for iOS and Android, such as Focused Inbox. Note : For Outlook for iOS and Android to apply these settings, the app needs to be installed and managed by the Company Portal.

For this first release, Outlook is supporting the following settings for configuration:. If using App Protection Policies, Microsoft recommends disabling this setting to prevent dual access prompts. As you may have noticed, settings that are security-related in nature have an additional option, Allow user to change setting.

Allow user to change setting does not change the app behavior. For example, if the admin enables Block external images and prevents user change, then by default external images will not be downloaded in messages; however, the user can manually download the images for that message body. Note : The Allow user to change setting for Require Biometrics to access the app is currently only available as a configuration key. This will be addressed in a future Intune portal update.

For more information regarding the configuration key, please see Deploy app config settings. Figure 1: Outlook for iOS and Android app config notification toast. This notification toast will automatically dismiss after 10 seconds. There are two scenarios where this notification toast will not appear:. The Save Contacts setting is a special case scenario because unlike the other settings, this setting requires user interaction — the user needs to grant Outlook permissions to access the native Contacts app and the data stored within.

If the user does not grant access, then contact sync cannot be enabled. Note : With Android Enterprise, administrators can configure the default permissions assigned to the managed app.

When assigning default permissions it is important to understand which Android Enterprise deployment models are in use, as the permissions may grant access to personal data. We hope you enjoy this new policy experience available within the Intune portal for Outlook for iOS and Android. We'll continue to update the list of settings that can be managed via the MDM OS channel. For more information on general app config with Outlook for iOS and Android, see Deploy app config settings.

Up next is general app configuration for the without enrollment scenario. Stay tuned! Ross Smith IV Principal Program Manager Customer Experience Engineering.

Q: What versions of Outlook for iOS and Android support general app configuration on enrolled devices? Q: Can I deploy general app config to Outlook for iOS and Android if the device is not enrolled? Not at this time, but in the future, we plan to support this scenario for accounts that have an Intune App Protection Policy applied. Q: What if I had already deployed the configuration keys manually in an App Configuration Policy; do I need to do anything? Q: How do I create an App Configuration Policy for Outlook for iOS or Outlook for Android?

Q: What if we are not using Intune to manage device enrollment, but instead are leveraging a third-party MDM solution? Not to fear, we have you covered. These settings can be delivered via any MDM provider. For more information on the configuration keys you need to use, see Deploy app config settings. Get the latest security stories from the Windows Defender Research team here:. Blog: Microsoft Secure Blog.

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Viewing all articles. First Page Page Page Page Page Page Last Page. Browse latest View live. 執筆者 : MICROSOFT WINDOWS SERVER TEAM このポストは、 年 3 月 7 日に投稿された Now available: Microsoft System Center ! Today's tip New technical webinars: Introduction to Intelligent Communications — Discover how Intelligent Communications boosts productivity by using Microsoft Teams.

Cloud Voicemail provides the following benefits for on-premises and online users who have mailboxes on Exchange Server or Exchange Online: Voicemail answering and deposit functionality with enhanced speech transcription Access to Exchange mailbox voicemails by using Skype for Business Online or Outlook clients Ability to use the Office web-based portal to manage voicemail options Support for Exchange mailboxes on-premises or in the cloud Leveraging of existing user greetings from Exchange Online Unified Messaging New technical consults: Intelligent Communications Starter Kit — In this technical webinar, you will receive an overview of how Intelligent Communications delivers immersive experiences that help organizations boost productivity.

みなさま、こんにちは。 WSUS サポート チームです。 こちら の公開情報でも紹介している通り、 Microsoft ではセキュリティ保護のために SHA-1 から SHA-2 への移行を段階的に進めており、この一環として Windows Update や WSUS 等から配信される更新プログラムに付与されているコード証明書についても SHA-2 へ移行を行うことを予定しております。 具体的なタイムラインについては、以下の公開情報で最新の情報を随時紹介しております。特に WSUS 3.

Defining the attack surface Our first step was to write some QL to model data that would be sourced from an attacker. getChild 2. getChild 1. from MessageHandlerFunction mhf select mhf, mhf. getCyclomaticComplexity as cc order by cc desc. import semmle. Configuration predicate Description isSource source data must flow from source isSink sink data must flow to sink isAdditionalFlowStep node1 , node2 data can also flow between node1 and node2 isBarrier node data can not flow through node.

c the data flows from a to c exists Expr e, FieldAccess fa node1. Configuration predicate Description isSource source data must flow from source isSink sink data must flow to sink isAdditionalTaintStep node1 , node2 data at node1 will also taint node2 isSanitizer node data can not flow through node.

x in a[x - 1] exists ArrayExpr ae, SubExpr s sink. asExpr instanceof FieldAccess and ae. getTarget and f. hasName "memcpy" or f. hasName "memmove" or f. hasName "strcpy" or f. hasName "strncpy" or f. hasName "strcat" or f. hasName "fopen" or this. toString , fc, fc. The simplistic logic introduced several potential issues. The deleted distribution list could be members of other distribution lists or groups. The deleted distribution list could have exceptions on other groups — for example managedBy, AcceptMessagesOnlyFromSendersOrMembers, RejectMessagesFromSendersOrMembers, etc.

When the distribution list is deleted all of the other dependencies on that list are lost. Record all distribution lists where the migrated distribution group has managedBy rights. Record all distribution lists where the migrated distribution group has BypassModerationFromSendersOrMembers rights.

Record all distribution lists where the migrated distribution list has AcceptMessagesFromSendersOrMembers rights. Record all distribution lists where the migrated distribution lists has RejectMessagesFromSendersOrMembers rights.

Record all groups in the Active Directory where the migrated distribution list is a member. Message enters receive connector to on-premises Exchange Server. Sample address migratedDL contoso. Transport matches the address migratedDL contoso.

com to the script created dynamic distribution group migratedDL contoso. Transport expands the distribution group searching for a mail enabled contact in the migrated distribution lists original organizational unit where custom attribute 2 equals the primary SMTP address. The mail enabled contact is located and has a remote routing address of migratedDL mail. The email is then converted to migratedDL mail. The message arrives in Office addressed to migratedDL mail. The message address is converted to migratedDL contoso.

The message delivers to the migrated distribution list where it is expanded and sent to the recipients. A distribution list to migrate that has 10, members comprised of mailboxes, remote mailboxes, mail enabled users, and mail enabled contacts.

The distribution list is a member of 10, other groups within the Active Directory. The distribution list to be migrated is set as managedBy to 5, other distribution groups. The distribution list to be migrated is set as BypassModerationFromSendersOrMembers to 5, other distribution groups. The distribution list to be migrated is set as AcceptMessagesFromSendersOrMembers on 5, other distribution groups.

The distribution list to be migrated is set as RejectMessagesFromSendersOrMembers on 5, other distribution groups. A distribution list to migrate that has 1, members comprised of mailboxes, remote mailboxes, mail enabled users, and mail enabled contacts.

The distribution list is a member of 1, other groups within the Active Directory. The distribution list to be migrated is set as managedBy to other distribution groups. The distribution list to be migrated is set as BypassModerationFromSendersOrMembers to other distribution groups. The distribution list to be migrated is set as AcceptMessagesFromSendersOrMembers on other distribution groups. The distribution list to be migrated is set as RejectMessagesFromSendersOrMembers on other distribution groups.

PowerBI Day PRAHA Kdy: dubna Kde: Microsoft s. Updates for version 1. Sorted feeds alphabetically i. Fixed multiple accessibility bugs improving screen reader compatibility. Updated our build tools. Various bug fixes. To learn more about Remote Desktop Web client go HERE To get started with Remote Desktop Web client go HERE References: What's new for the Remote Desktop web client? This script goes through and performs the following actions: Remove non-essential UWP apps Disables several services Sets some default user settings Disables several scheduled tasks Disables several Windows "auto-logger" startup traces Applies dozens of GPO settings to local policy using the Microsoft Local Group Policy Object LGPO tool.

Runs disk cleanup using the Disk Cleanup Wizard Changes network interface controller NIC settings, to optimize for networking performance The PowerShell script uses core code in the main script to call and enumerate lists in the form of text files, of the various objects that will be changed. Once you download the tree of files, you are free to edit as you like for your environment. There are a few dependencies of this script: The script calls a number of text files for the various categories of items to remove or disable.

Those files must be in place for the script to work correctly. The script uses the 'LGPO. exe' Microsoft tool to import an included LGPO export of GPO settings from a generic Windows 10, virtual machine VM.

That tool must be included and in the proper location in your tree of files and folders for the script to function correctly. The script and the text files must be all in the same folder, which can be any folder of your choosing.

Here are a few details related to this release: Primary Build: 6. There is a Binary fix KB , that needs to be applied. xsl" - for Project invoices. The hotfix enables the possibility of the import of vendor invoices from FatturaPA version 1.

Rejection: Total da NF differ do somatorio dos Valores compoe o valor Total da NF. Clicking on any Owner or Inventory profile dimension displays a serial number form. The Differential must be the cost of the asset. deleteForDimensionAttributeValue should not delete records GFMAccounts Payable When date and voucher are changed during vendor invoice posting process such invoices are not listed in payment history GFMAccounts Payable changes - DIV form changes GFMAccounts PayableInvoice Journals Cancellation voucher from credit note approval journal.

Must be rounded to 0. error occurs when running MRP in 'Net change' mode SCMPlanningMaster Planning Dynamic negative days not working as expected, causing extra planned orders. getAmount has been incorrectly called. test - is failed to match Project budget quantity due to SIProject AccountingBudget and Forecast PROJECT BUDGET REVISION ISSUE SIProject AccountingCommitted Costs Committed costs are incorrect after deleting a pending invoice for a PO that contains more than one tax code.

ClrBridgeException: System. Type is not a member of Microsoft. Por: Jenny Lay-Flurrie, jefa de accesibilidad. Our team has decided to join Microsoft Communities and contribute to that great effort. If you found us through some saved favorite or other link, please update things to reflect our new blog home.

We have cloned over most of our old posts and continued to write more at this new location. When is the end-of-support? On-Premises Upgrade Center Assess Migrate Optimize Azure Migration Center Assess Migrate Optimize It also contains f ree e-books for: Windows Server Guide Windows Server on Azure Guide Thanks, Yong. Stay tuned… Lab Environment This is a lab repro so that screenshots can be used. The oldest server is Windows , then R2 and finally the newest one is Windows Server Issue Explained You may have noted the DCPromo date of the Windows Server DC, it is the 10th of March at PM.

Why is that… The Prestige whenCreated is not a replicated attribute. For this first release, Outlook is supporting the following settings for configuration: Setting Default app behavior Notes Focused Inbox On Require Biometrics to access the app Off This setting is only available for Outlook for iOS. Save Contacts Off User must grant access to the native Contacts app for contact sync to occur.

External Recipients MailTip On Block external images Off As you may have noticed, settings that are security-related in nature have an additional option, Allow user to change setting. If the admin disables user choice, then Outlook always enforces the admin defined configuration, regardless of the user's configuration or default app config.

Users are alerted to configuration changes via a notification toast in the app: Figure 1: Outlook for iOS and Android app config notification toast This notification toast will automatically dismiss after 10 seconds. There are two scenarios where this notification toast will not appear: If the app has previously shown the notification in the last hour. If the app has been installed in less than 24 hours. Save Contacts The Save Contacts setting is a special case scenario because unlike the other settings, this setting requires user interaction — the user needs to grant Outlook permissions to access the native Contacts app and the data stored within.

The workflow for enabling Save Contacts is the same for new accounts and existing accounts. The user is notified that the administrator has enabled contact sync. In Outlook for iOS, the notification occurs within the app, whereas, in Outlook for Android, a persistent notification is delivered via the Android notification center. Figure 3: User notification regarding contact sync If the user taps on the notification, the user is prompted to grant access: Figure 4: User is prompted to grant access to native Contacts app If the user allows Outlook to access the native Contacts app, access is granted and contact sync will be enabled.

If the user denies Outlook access to the native Contacts app, then the user is prompted to go into the OS settings and enable contact sync: Figure 5: User is prompted to enable contact sync in OS settings In the event the user denies Outlook access to the native Contacts app and dismisses the previous prompt, the user may later enable access by navigating to the account configuration within Outlook and tapping Open Settings : Figure 6: User can re-enable contact sync access in OS settings Summary We hope you enjoy this new policy experience available within the Intune portal for Outlook for iOS and Android.

Ross Smith IV Principal Program Manager Customer Experience Engineering Common questions Q: What versions of Outlook for iOS and Android support general app configuration on enrolled devices? Outlook for iOS 3. The keys will be automatically consumed in the new policy experience.

More Pages to Explore isSource source. isSink sink. isAdditionalFlowStep node1 , node2. data can also flow between node1 and node2. isBarrier node. data can not flow through node. isAdditionalTaintStep node1 , node2. data at node1 will also taint node2. isSanitizer node. Link to download Hotfix. Link to download hotfix.

Tax recalculated for retail transactions when posting Statement after installing Hot fix KB The issue arises when user change the Tax code in AX after the POS transaction and while posting system reads the Tax code from AX hence the difference in tax code and tax amount. Sales invoice payment posting in method of payment ledger account. The changes in the hotfix will address creating customer when RTS is down. Germany: VAT declaration in XML format creation without transferring to ELSTER - AX R3.

The changes in the hotfix make it possible to generate VAT declaration in the new format suitable for sending via ERIC ELSTER Rich Client. The changes in the hotfix will resolve the issue by having the New format of electronic reporting files is required for ICP EU Sales list and OB VAT declaration in accordance to the XBRL taxonomy version NT SG - RegF - Singaporean tax changes including invoice layout and reporting for customer accounting - Ax6.

The changes in the hotfix contain a solution for setting up reverse charge rules for sales tax code and reflecting related information in customer invoice and tax and base amounts in the respective boxes of the GST report. For details, please refer to KBArticle The hotfix enables a new simplified layout of printable format for former "2-NDFL" report, enforced in year which is called now "The certificate of income and taxes", generated on-demand, per employees requests.

JP - DCR - Calculated depreciation amount and depreciation period is incorrect after splitting fixed asset [DAXE ] - 6. The calculation of beginning balance amount and date of last depreciation calculated period are correct after splitting a fixed asset both in depreciation profile and depreciation proposal: - when fixed asset splitting in the period immediately after changing the method of depreciation - when fixed asset splitting in the middle of depreciation period different depreciation methods.

The hotfix enables a new XML format for "2-NDFL" report, enforced for the reporting period of year The hotfix enables a new format for "SZV-STAZH" report, enforced for the reporting period of year New action has been introduced in Fiscal books to allow users to register tax base amount adjustments. FISCAL BOOKS BRA Incorrect Inventory Balances after run Inventory closing process in Block H for items with Production transactions.

After the application of this hotfix, navigate to Fiscal books and execute Sync and Process inventory again for February booking period to get the correct costs in block H. The changes in the hotfix include the following: - Customer Tax Id and Country of origin are exported to new tags in Intrastat XML file for dispatches - Customer Tax Id is transferred to Intrastat journal in the following logic: - Tax registration number of type VAT Id from the delivery address, if exists, otherwise - Primary Tax registration number of type VAT Id for delivery country if exists, otherwise - Primary Tax registration number of type VAT Id.

The update implements the changes introduced in NT Starting from 01Jan the purchase duty KU1 is to be paid not at a single rate standard rate , but a degressive graduated tariff should be used for its calculation The hotfix contains changes to support this regulatory update.

Unbalanced TTS when applying Line discount Sales header and doing header2line update. Refunding onto 2 gift cards simultaneously creates a refund payment for first gift card only in a call center sales order.

Customers are still showing in EPOS search after deleting them from All customer forms. System is picking the first journal with journal type as customer payment irrespective of the Journal assigned in Retail parameters.

Taxes are recalculated when posting transactions created in POS, resulting in potential discrepancies when the AX-calculated and POS-collected tax amounts differ. When multiple Users perform Stock Count operations in EP, clicking on Refresh removes open Stock Count records. AX RetailSolutionOrder managementOrder Creation, Visibility and Cross-Channel Changes in Store or POS.

After applying last kernel, the MPOS cannot find item price for variants, if the variant barcode is scanned. Deviations in the ledger voucher values when the total cost of the transactions is posted to the project estimate. After applying latest Binary customer account deposit for customer order gives multiple errors on EPOS. IN: Special depreciation is not working as expected and depreciation proposal is incorrect with asset disposal. Norway eInvoice EHF v. NFe 4. AXR3-Electronic invoice rounding amount as the quantity decimals are not shown correctly.

CN - System is posting two wrong voucher lines at current layer for fixed assets disposal transaction. NFe BRA Direct Import - Error - The Total of ICMSDESON does not match to the sum-up from Item lines. Transfer Order BRA - Cancel shipping fiscal document, with inventory movement - WMS - Error: No lines for posting; Update has been canceled.

Spanish einvoice : if we create free text invoice with quantity zero , the xml retrieves NaN amounts. NFe BRA Direct Import - Error - ICMS amount does not match to the Basis amount x percentage. Transfer assets to low value pool — deprecation book function can only transfer from the fixed assets with the 'Low value pool' deprecation method. JP-LOC-the acquisition amount is not correctly when "Reduction entry" is posted after acquisition fiscal year.

PIS AND COFINS FIXED ASSET BRA - Incorrect base amount for PIS and COFINS in case the Purchase order for asset acquisition has Charges. SII R3 ImporteTransmisionInmueblesSujetoAIVA is always reported for sales and it should be reported only when we sell a property. Getting stack trace error while posting purchase order with: The company Ext does not exist. an error during update.

TH - Purchase unrealized VAT remaining Report not updated with VAT transaction and VAT calculated incorrectly while processing "Reverse unrealized VAT" process with partial payment. EU Sales list report and file is rounding amounts in a wrong way for Lithuanian companies. Sales tax specification by ledger transaction report - Sales tax amounts are not displayed correctly. GTD number dimension is not visible on the Inventory value report. IN-Proper Effects of Tax are not reflecting in Tax Inquiries when we post Tax journals.

Sales tax code and sales tax amounts are not getting updated in ledger transaction list with project transactions after loading INDIA GST update 2 hotfix. IN-Unable to run withholding tax settlement when there is a vendor invoice reversal in customer environment. Sales tax of the Quantity variance is wrong in the Sales tax general journal reconciliation report.

TaxRuntimeModelRow duplicate during sync when only change data model in tax configuration. Sales tax amount origin is wrong calculated in a general journal when exchange rate is changed manually in journal line.

India GST: In Tax setup form, defined Tariff codes are not available in lookup for non-admin user. Sales Tax Transactions report does not display Customer Name when the Invoice Proposal Date and Journal Date does not match on Project Transactions. IN — Vendor account is credited with incorrect amount when TDS on service item is linked. Amount origin of sales tax is incorrect in multiline customer payment journal with no offset account. Error attempting to bill an asset purchase for use and consumption with Aliquot Differential.

Sales tax general journal reconciliation -report: Invoice discount is not reported if the invoice is posted via Project module. Session id stored in usage data for redirected printers causes an error when printing sales invoices. The formatter threw an exception while trying to deserialize the message - after AOS crash reports don't run. Generating a SSRS report to Excel file with xls extension the report is created incorrectly in ExcelOpenXML format.

Check-in state is not considered when multi selecting elements and modifying properties. When date and voucher are changed during vendor invoice posting process such invoices are not listed in payment history. In invoice approval journal when trying to select the invoice the number of vouchers field is being updated in place of list of selected vouchers.

Possible to post pending vendor invoice when approval journal is open and not posted on cancelling. Make sure the NSA s LAN LED located on the LAN port is on or flashing. If you were trying to login directly by typing the server name default nsaplus into your web browsers address field, make sure you typed it correctly. If it still doesn t work, try using the discovery utility. Make sure your computer s IP address is in the same subnet as the NSA s IP address.

You can use the discovery utility to find the NSA s IP address. See the User s Guide appendix on setting up your computer s IP address for how to change your computer s IP address. Skip this if you know that there are routers between your computer and the NSA like if you are connecting through the Internet. Ping the NSA from your computer. Make sure your computer s Ethernet adapter is installed and functioning properly. In a Windows computer, click Start, All Programs, Accessories and then Command Prompt.

In the Command Prompt window, type ping followed by the NSA s IP address and press [ENTER]. Use the discovery utility to find the NSA s IP address if you don t know it. Use Internet Explorer 6. So funktioniert es Die obige Abbildung zeigt den NSA in einem Heimnetzwerk. Benutzer sichern Daten auf dem NSA und haben gemeinsamen Zugriff darauf. Kreuzschlitzschraubendreher zum Festschrauben der Festplatten in den Einschub.

Schalten Sie das NSA aus, bevor Sie die Festplatte n einsetzen oder entfernen. Beim Erstellen eines Volumes werden die Festplatten formatiert. Alle Daten gehen verloren. Bevor Sie die Disk auf dem NSA installieren, sollten Sie alle anderen Dateien unbedingt an einem anderen Speicherort sichern.

Stellen Sie sicher, dass das Netz- und das Ethernetkabel vom NSA abgetrennt sind. Ziehen Sie die Laufwerkslade heraus. Legen Sie die Laufwerkslade darauf, und schrauben Sie sie wie abgebildet fest. Das Schraubloch muss sich oben befinden. Verwenden Sie NUR das mitgelieferte Netzteil. Die Betriebsanzeige-LED leuchtet blau. Sie blinkt, wenn Daten gesendet oder empfangen werden. Lassen Sie dann die Taste los. Mac oder Linux verwenden Sie Direct Access siehe Seite Zugreifen auf das NSA mit dem Discovery Utility 1.

Legen Sie die mitgelieferte CD in das CD-ROM-Laufwerk ein. Wenn dieses Fenster nicht gezeigt wird, rufen Sie mit Windows Explorer Arbeitsplatz die CD-ROM normalerweise Laufwerk D auf. Klicken Sie doppelt auf setup. Auf dem Bildschirm wird der Installationsassistent angezeigt.

Das Utility-Programm listet die NSAs Ihres Netzwerks auf. Klicken Sie auf das Symbol Admin Administrator , um das Anmeldefenster des Web-Konfigurators aufzurufen siehe Seite Um den NSA auf ein Windows-Netzwerklaufwerk zu mappen, klicken Sie auf das Symbol unter Map Mappen siehe Seite Um die Bildschirmanzeige zu aktualisieren, klicken Sie auf Discover Erkennen.

Wenn das Anmeldefenster nicht angezeigt wird, lesen Sie im Abschnitt Problembeseitigung am Ende dieser Anleitung nach. Geben Sie den Standardbenutzernamen admin und das Kennwort ein, und klicken Sie auf Login Anmelden. Die Feststelltaste darf nicht aktiviert sein. Das Fenster My NSA Mein NSA wird angezeigt. Ein Volume ist ein Speicherbereich auf einer oder mehreren Festplatten.

Klicken Sie auf Administration. Wenn es noch kein internes Volume Speicherbereich gibt, klicken Sie im Navigationsfeld auf Storage Speicher und klicken Sie dann auf Create an Internal Volume Internes Volume erstellen. Wenn sich zwei Festplatten in einem JBOD-Volume befinden, gehen beim Ausfall einer Festplatte die Daten auf beiden Festplatten verloren. Videos, Grafiken und Spiele. RAID 1 empfohlen Hier werden die Daten der ersten Festplatte zur Sicherheit auf die zweite Festplatte gespiegelt.

Geben Sie im Namen Volume Name Volume-Namen einen Namen ein. Wenn der Status Healthy In Ordnung angezeigt wird, kann das Volume verwendet werden. Bei einem RAID-Volumen wird der Status Resync Resynchronisieren angezeigt, bis das Volume bereit ist. Wenn Sie zwei Festplatten installiert und ein JBOD-Volume auf einer Festplatte erstellt haben, wiederholen Sie diese Schritte, um auf der anderen Festplatte ein zweites Volume zu erstellen.

Klicken Sie im Discovery Utility-Programm auf das Symbol MAP. Systemvoraussetzungen Memeo Autobackup arbeitet mit Windows Workstation mit Service Pack 6, Windows XP Pro und Windows XP Home Edition.

Installieren und Einrichten von Memeo Autobackup Die Memeo Autobackup-Software verwendet denselben Netzwerkanschluss wie das Discovery Utility-Programm, um den NSA zu erkennen. Um einen Port-Konflikt zu vermeiden, beenden Sie zuerst das Discovery Utility-Programm, bevor Sie Memeo Autobackup verwenden.

Klicken Sie dann auf Memeo Instant Backup Software. NET Version 1. Geben Sie dem Sicherungsplan einen Namen oder verwenden Sie den Standardnamen. Klicken Sie auf Next Weiter , und dann auf Done Fertig. Stellen Sie sicher, dass der NSA eingeschaltet ist. Stellen Sie sicher, dass die LAN-LED des NSA am LAN-Port leuchtet oder blinkt. Versuchen Sie es mit dem Discovery Utility-Programm.

Stellen Sie sicher, dass sich die IP-Adresse des Computers im selben Subnetz wie die des NSA befindet. Versuchen Sie den NSA mit einem Ping vom Computer aus zu erreichen. Stellen Sie sicher, dass der Ethernet-Adapter des Computers angeschlossen ist und richtig funktioniert. Finden Sie die IP-Adresse des NSA mit dem Discovery Utility-Programm heraus. Verwenden Sie Internet Explorer 6. Los usuarios realizan copias de seguridad y comparten los datos en el NSA.

El DMA reproduce los archivos de medios del NSA en el televisor. Una unidad de disco duro USB ofrece espacio de almacenamiento extra y los archivos son copiados directamente de la unidad USB al NSA.

Se recomienda que el dispositivo USB utilice su propio adaptador externo si tiene uno. Los discos duros NO son intercambiables en caliente.

El NSA debe apagarse antes de quitar o instalar la s unidad es de disco duro. Al crear un volumen se formatean las unidades de disco. Extraiga la bandeja de disco. Coloque el disco en una superficie plana con los agujeros de los tornillos mirando hacia arriba. Repita los pasos 3 al 7 para el segundo disco duro si tiene uno. Vuelva a colocar el panel posterior de nuevo y apriete los tornillos.

Utilice el cable Ethernet incluido para conectar el puerto LAN de la parte posterior del NSA a un ordenador, switch o router en su red. Utilizar la utilidad discovery para acceder al NSA 1. Inserte el CD incluido en la unidad de CD-ROM. Haga clic en Setup Instalar en la pantalla que aparece.

Luego haga clic en el enlace NSA Discovery Utility. Si esta pantalla no aparece, utilice Windows Explorer Mi PC para ir al CD-ROM normalmente la unidad D. Haga doble clic en setup.

Siga las instrucciones del instalador. La utilidad muestra los NSAs en su red. Para actualizar la pantalla, haga clic en Discover descubrir. Acceso directo Abra Internet Explorer u otro explorador web como Firefox. Haga clic en Apply Aplicar para guardar los cambios y vaya a la pantalla siguiente. RAID 1 recomendado Copia los datos de un disco en un segundo disco para seguridad de datos. Escriba un nombre en el campo Volume Name Nombre del volumen. Puede usar el volumen tras el estado Healthy Saludable.

Mapee NSA compartido en una unidad de red de Windows para poder utilizar Windows Explorer para transferir los archivos hacia y desde el NSA. Tras mapear un compartido, puede arrastrar y soltar archivos entre su ordenador y el NSA. Haga clic en el icono MAP en la utilidad discovery. En el campo Drive Unidad , seleccione una unidad para usar para el NSA.

En el campo Folder Carpeta , seleccione el NSA puede que necesite examinar para encontrarlo. Requisitos Memeo Autobackup funciona con Windows Workstation con Service Pack 6, Windows XP Pro o Windows XP Home Edition.

Para evitar un conflicto de puertos, apague la utilidad discovery antes de utilizar Memeo Autobackup. Como necesita reiniciar el ordenador, cierre los otros archivos y programas antes de instalar el software Memeo Autobackup.

Haga clic en el icono Tools Herramientas en la pantalla que aparece. Luego haga clic en Memeo Instant Backup Software. Siga las instrucciones para instalar el software. Memeo Autobackup necesita Microsoft. Cuando vea la pantalla siguiente, seleccione Network Places Lugares de la red y haga clic en el enlace para seleccionar su carpeta de copia de seguridad.

Seleccione la unidad mapeada del NSA y haga clic en OK Aceptar. En esta pantalla, seleccione los elementos que desea copiar. Esta pantalla muestra los elementos seleccionados para realizar la copia de seguridad. Confirme las selecciones y haga clic en Next Siguiente.

Especifique un nombre para su plan de copia de seguridad o simplemente utilice el predeterminado. Haga clic en Next Siguiente y luego en Done Listo. Compruebe las conexiones de cables del NSA. Realice un ping al NSA desde su ordenador. Sauvegardez tous les fichiers du disque sur un autre emplacement avant d installer le disque dans le NSA. Utilisez un tournevis pour retirer les vis de fixation d un tiroir de disque. Extrayez le tiroir de disque. Replacez le tiroir en le faisant coulisser dans la baie du disque.

Assurez-vous que le trou de vis se trouve au-dessus. Replacez la vis de fixation du tiroir du disque. Pour un autre type d ordinateur comme Mac ou Linux , utilisez Direct Access voir page Double cliquez sur setup. Suivez les instructions de l'installateur. Cliquez sur Finish Terminer pour terminer l'installation.

Le nom de l'utilisateur et le mot de passe tiennent compte de la casse. Un volume est une zone de stockage sur un ou plusieurs disques durs. Cliquez sur Administration. Si vous voulez supprimer un volume existant, consultez le chapitre Storage Screens Ecrans de stockage dans le guide de l utilisateur.

Entrez un nom dans le champ Volume Name Nom du volume. Le dossier public du NSA s affiche dans Explorateur Windows. Configuration requise Memeo Autobackup fonctionne avec Windows Workstation avec Service Pack 6, Windows XP Pro, ou Windows XP Edition familiale. Puis cliquez sur le logiciel Memeo Instant Backup. Suivez les instructions pour installer le logiciel. Cliquez sur Next Suivant et ensuite sur Done Fait.

Gli utenti fanno backup e condividono dati sull'nsa. Il DMA riproduce sulla TV i file multimediali dell'nsa. I dischi rigidi NON sono "hot swap" sostituibili a caldo. L'NSA deve essere spento prima di poter rimuovere o installare i dischi rigidi. La creazione di un volume formatta i dischi rigidi. Tutti i dati vengono persi. Effettuare il backup di tutti i file presenti sul disco verso un'altra posizione prima di installare il disco nell'nsa. Verificare che alimentazione e cavi Ethernet siano scollegati dall'nsa.

Svitare le viti zigrinate sul pannello posteriore e aprirlo. Utilizzare un cacciavite per rimuovere la vite di sostegno da un vassoio. Far scorrere fuori il vassoio del disco. Appoggiare il disco su una superficie piana con i fori delle viti rivolti verso l'alto. Appoggiare il vassoio del disco su di esso e fissarlo con le viti vedere la figura. Reinserire il vassoio nel bay del disco. Verificare che il foro della vite sia rivolto verso l'alto.

Spingere il vassoio completamente in modo che il foro della vite superiore sia allineato con il telaio interno. Ravviare la vite di sostegno del vassoio. Ripetere i passi da 3 a 7 per un secondo disco rigido se presente. Reinstallare il pannello posteriore e avvitare le viti zigrinate. Utilizzare il cavo Ethernet fornito a corredo per collegare la porta LAN sul retro dell'nsa a un computer, switch o router nella rete. Collegare l'alimentatore esterno a una presa elettrica.

Utilizzare SOLO l'alimentatore fornito a corredo. Osservare le luci del pannello anteriore. La luce del pulsante di accensione si accende di colore blu fisso. Dopo un avvio riuscito, la luce SYS si accende di colore verde fisso ci vogliono circa 50 secondi. Le luci HDD si accendono se l'nsa rileva la presenza di dischi rigidi nei bay.

A questo punto rilasciare il pulsante. Per un altro tipo di computer come ad esempio Mac o Linux , utilizzare Direct Access vedere pagina Fare clic su Setup installa nella schermata visualizzata.

Scegliere il collegamento NSA Discovery Utility. Fare doppio clic su setup. Viene avviata l'installazione guidata. Seguire le istruzioni del programma di installazione. Fare clic su Finish fine per completare l'installazione. Fare clic sull'icona Admin per visualizzare la schermata di accesso dello strumento di configurazione Web vedere pagina Per aggiornare la schermata, fare clic su Discover analisi. Accesso diretto Aprire Internet Explorer o un altro browser come ad esempio Firefox.

Digitare "nsaplus" come indirizzo e premere [Invio] oppure fare clic su Vai. Se non si riesce a visualizzare la schermata di login, vedere la sezione sulla risoluzione dei problemi che si trova alla fine di questa guida. Inserire il nome utente "admin" e la password "" predefiniti e scegliere Login accedi. Per nome utente e password viene fatta distinzione tra maiuscole e minuscole. Si consiglia di utilizzare una nuova password e di annotarla. Scegliere Apply applica per salvare le modifiche e passare alla sezione successiva.

Viene visualizzata la schermata My NSA. Fare clic su Administration amministrazione. Per eliminare un volume esistente, vedere il capitolo Schermate di archiviazione nella Guida utente. Se si hanno due dischi rigidi installati, selezionare una configurazione di dischi. Con due dischi rigidi in un unico volume JBOD, se uno dei dischi si guasta si perdono tutti i dati presenti su entrambi i dischi.

RAID 1 consigliato Esegue il mirroring copia speculare dei dati di un disco sull'altro disco per una maggiore sicurezza dei dati. Immettere un nome nel campo Volume Name nome volume. Scegliere Apply applica per avviare la creazione del volume.

Attendere la creazione del volume. Se sono installati due dischi e viene creato un volume JBOD a disco singolo, ripetere i passi per creare un secondo volume sull'altro disco.

In Esplora risorse di Windows viene visualizzata la cartella pubblica dell'nsa. Requisiti Memeo Autobackup funziona con Windows Workstation con Service Pack 6, Windows XP Pro oppure Windows XP Home Edition. Fare clic sull'icona Tools strumenti nella schermata visualizzata. A questo punto, scegliere Memeo Instant Backup Software.

Attenersi alle istruzioni per installare il software. Memeo Autobackup richiede la presenza di Microsoft. NET versione 1. Alla visualizzazione della schermata seguente, scegliere Network Places percorsi di rete e quindi fare clic sul collegamento che consente di selezionare la cartella di backup. In questa schermata, selezionare le voci di cui eseguire il backup.

In questa schermata vengono elencati gli elementi selezionati per il backup. Confermare la selezione e scegliere Next avanti. Specificare un nome per il piano di backup oppure utilizzare il nome predefinito. Scegliere Next avanti e quindi Done fine. Controllare i collegamenti dei cavi dell'nsa. Verificare che il LED LAN dell'nsa che si trova sulla porta LAN sia acceso o lampeggiante.

Se si tentava di eseguire direttamente il login digitando il nome del server predefinito: nsaplus nel campo indirizzo del browser, verificare di aver digitato correttamente il nome.

Verificare che l'indirizzo IP del computer appartenga la stessa subnet dell'indirizzo IP dell'nsa. Vedere l'appendice della Guida utente relativa alla configurazione dell'indirizzo IP del computer per le istruzioni su come cambiare l'indirizzo IP del computer. Pingare l'nsa dal computer. Assicurarsi che la scheda Ethernet del computer sia installata e correttamente funzionante.

In un computer Windows , fare clic su Start, Tutti i Programmi, Accessori e quindi Prompt dei comandi. Nella finestra del Prompt dei comandi, digitare "ping" seguito dall'indirizzo IP dall'nsa e premere [INVIO]. Utilizzare Internet Explorer 6. 電源コードと Ethernet ケーブルを NSA から外します 2. 背面パネルの蝶ねじを緩め パネルを開きます ドライバーを使ってディスクトレイから固定ねじを取り外します 4. ディスクトレイをスライドさせて取り出します 5.

ねじ穴がある方を上に向けて ハードディスクを平らな場所に置きます ディスクトレイをこの上に置き 図のようにねじで固定します トレイをディスクベイに戻します ねじ穴が上に来ていることを確認してください トレイを最後まで押し込み 上のねじ穴と内部フレームが平らになるようにします 7. ディスクトレイ固定ねじを元に戻します 8. 背面パネルを元に戻し 蝶ねじを締めます 付属のイーサネットケーブルを使い NSA 背面の LAN ポートを ネットワーク上のコンピュータ スイッチ ルータなどと接続します 2. NSA の背面の POWER ソケットに電源コードの片方を接続し もう片方を電源装置に接続します プラグをコンセントに差し込みます 同梱の電源のみをお使いください NSA の前面にある電源ボタンを押して電源を入れます 前面パネルのランプを確認してください ランプが点灯しない場合 電源コードがしっかりと接続されており 電源が入っているかどうか確認してください 電源ボタンのランプは青く点灯します SYS ランプは起動後に緑に点灯します 約 50 秒かかります NSA がディスクベイにハードドライブを検出すると HDD ランプが点灯します 背面パネルにある LAN ポートには Ethernet ポートがネットワークに接続されると点灯するランプがあります データ送受信中はランプが点滅します NSA の電源を切るには ピーっという音が聞こえるまで電源ボタンを長押ししてください その後 ボタンを放してください 付属の CD を CD-ROM ドライブにセットします 初期画面で Setup をクリックします 次に NSA Discovery Utility リンクをクリックします この画面が表示されない場合は エクスプローラ マイコンピュータ から CD-ROM 通常は D ドライブ へアクセスし setup.

exe をクリックしてください インストールウィザードが起動します 画面の指示に従って進んでください 最後に Finish を押してインストールが完了します 3. ユーティリティでは ネットワーク上の NSA が表示されます デフォルトのユーザー名 "admin" とパスワード "" を入力し Login をクリックします ユーザー名とパスワードは大文字と小文字を間違えずに入力してください CapsLock がオンになっていないかどうか確認してください 2. 新しいパスワードに変更することをお勧めします Apply をクリックして変更を保存し 次の画面に進みます 3. My NSA 画面が表示されます Administration をクリックします 2. 内部ボリューム 保存領域 がまだない場合は ナビゲーションパネルで Storage ストレージ をクリックし Create an Internal Volume 内部ボリュームの作成 をクリックしてください ハードドライブにすでにボリュームがある場合は この部分を飛ばし セクション 6 へ進んでください 既存のボリュームを削除したい場合は 本ガイドの Storage Screens のセクションをご覧ください ボリュームを作成すると ハードドライブはフォーマットされます このため すべてのデータが失われます ハードディスクが 2 つある場合は ディスク構成を選択してください JBOD 最大データストレージ容量 2 つのディスク容量が異なる場合でも 各ディスクのすべてのストレージ容量を最大まで活用します ハードディスクが 2 つある場合 各ドライブに 1 つずつ 計 2 つのボリュームを作成することができ その場合 1 つが故障しても 残りの 1 つが影響を受けることはありません しかし 1 つの JBOD ボリュームに 2 つのディスクがある場合 どちらかのディスクが故障すると 両方のディスクのデータが失われます RAID 0 推奨しません 書き込み速度は最高ですが ディスクにエラーが生じると 両方のディスクのデータが失われます RAID 0 は書き込み速度を重視し 重要でないデータを保存する場合にご利用ください ビデオ グラフィック ゲームなど データストレージ容量の合計は小さい方のハードディスクの 2 倍までとなります RAID 1 推奨 1 つのディスク上のデータを 2 つ目のディスクにミラーリングする安全性の高い構成です RAID 1 の書き込み速度は RAID 0 よりも遅くなりますが ディスクにエラーが生じた場合 データは完全に復元されます データストレージ容量の合計は小さい方のハードディスク 1 つ分までとなります Volume Name ボリューム名 の欄に名前を入力してください Apply をクリックしてボリュームの作成を開始します 5.

ボリュームが作成されるまでお待ちください 6. ステータスが Healthy に変わったら ボリュームを使用することができます RAID ボリュームについては ボリュームの準備が整うまでは Resync というステータスが表示されます 7. ユーティリティでは ネットワーク上の NSA が表示されます ディスカバリユーティリティで MAP アイコンをクリックします Windows Explorer に NSA のパブリックフォルダが表示されます 4.

コンピュータにディスカバリユーティリティがインストールされていない場合は Windows Explorer を開き バックスラッシュ 2 本の後に NSA のサーバ名 nsaplus 既定値 または IP アドレスを入力してください コンピュータを再起動する必要がありますので Memeo Autobackup ソフトウェアをインストールする前にすべてのファイルやプログラムを終了します 付属の CD を CD-ROM ドライブにセットします 初期画面の Tools アイコンをクリックします 次に Memeo Instant Backup Software をクリックします この画面が表示されない場合は エクスプローラ マイコンピュータ から CD-ROM 通常は D ドライブ へアクセスし setup.

exe をクリックしてください 3. 画面の指示に従い ソフトウェアをインストールしします Memeo Autobackup には Microsoft. NET バージョン 1. 次のような画面が表示されたら Network Places を選択し リンクをクリックしてバックアップするフォルダを選択します NSA がマッピングされたドライブを選択し OK をクリックします 6. この画面でバックアップするアイテムを選択します この画面には バックアップするよう選択されたアイテムが表示されます 選択を確認し Next 次へ をクリックしてください 8. バックアッププランの名前を指定します またはデフォルト名を使用します Next をクリックし Done をクリックします U kunt ook video's en muziek afspelen en op de NSAopgeslagen fotobestanden tonen met gebruik van een media client zoals de DMA Hoe het werkt Aan de bovenstaande afbeelding bevindt zich de NSA in uw thuisnetwerk.

Gebruikers maken een backup en delen gegevens op de NSA. De DMA speelt de mediabestanden van de NSAop de TV. Een USB harde schijf verschaft extra opslagruimte en bestanden worden direct vanuit de USB geheugenstick gekopieerd naar de NSA. Kruiskop schroevendraaier om de hard disks en de disk sledes te monteren. USB-kabel optioneel: u hebt deze alleen nodig als u de opslagcapaciteit uit wilt breiden door compatibile USB versie 2 drivers aan te sluiten. Het wordt aanbevolen om, indien aanwezig, de eigen externe stroomaansluiting van het USB apparaat te gebruiken.

Netwerkapparatuur zoals een switch, router of hub Als u twee harde schijven wilt installeren en ze als RAID volumes wilt configureren zie pagina , wordt voor de beste prestatie aanbevolen indien dezelfde capaciteit en model schijf wordt gebruikt. Harde schijven zijn NIET hot swappable De NSA moet uitgezet zijn voordat u harde schijven verwijdert of installeert. Alle gegevens zullen verloren gaan. Maak een reserve kopie op een andere locatie van de bestanden van de schijf alvorens de schijf in de NSA te installeren.

Zorg ervoor dat de stroom- en ethernetkabels van de NSA losgemaakt zijn. Maak de duimschroeven op het voorpaneel los en open het. Gebruik een schroevendraaier om de schroef uit de disk slede te verwijderen. Haal de disk slede naar buiten. Plaats de schijf op een plat oppervlak met de schroefgaten naar boven. Plaats de schijflade hierop en bevestig hem met de schroeven zoals afgebeeld. Zet de lade weer terug in het schijfcompartiment.

Zorg ervoor dat het schroefgat aan de bovenkant zit. Duw de lade helemaal naar binnen zodat het schroefgat aan de bovenkant in lijn met het interne frame is. Schroef de borgschroef weer vast. Herhaal stap 3 tot 7 voor een tweede harde schijf indien u die heeft. Zet het achterpaneel weer op zijn plaats en draai de duimschroeven vast. Gebruik de. bijgeleverde Ethernetkabel om de LAN poort aan de achterkant van densaop een computer, switch of router op uw netwerk aan te sluiten.

Sluit het ene uiteinde van de STROOM aansluiting aan de achterkant van de NSA aan, en het andere uiteinde aan de externe stroombron. Sluit de externe stroombron aan op een stopcontact. Gebruik ALLEEN de inbegrepen stroomaansluiting. Kijk naar de lampjes op het voorpaneel. Als er geen lampjes aan gaan, controleer dan of de stroomkabel niet los zit en of de stroombron gevoed wordt. Het SYS lampje kleurt groen nadat het apparaat met succes is aangezet dit duurt ongeveer 50 seconden.

De HDD lampjes gaan aan als de NSA harde schijven in de schijfcompartimenten waarneemt. De LAN poort van het achterpaneel heeft een lampje dat aangaat wanneer de internetpoort correct op uw netwerk is aangesloten. Het knippert wanneer dataverkeer wordt verzonden of ontvangen. Laat de knop dan los. Gebruik voor andere soorten computers zoals Mac of Linux , Directe Toegang zie pagina Gebruik de Discovery Utility voor toegang tot de NSA 1.

Doe de bijgevoegde CD in de CD-Rom drive. Klik Installeer op het scherm dat verschijnt. Klik vervolgens op de NSA Discovery Utility link. Als dit scherm niet verschijnt, gebruik dan Windows Explorer Mijn Computer om naar de CD-ROM te gaan gewoonlijk D-schijf. Dubbelklikken op setup. De installatiewizard wordt gestart. Volg de instructies van het intallatieprogramma. Het programma verschaft een lijst van de NSA's op uw netwerk. Klik op het Admin- icoon om het webconfigurartie login scherm te tonen zie pagina Indien u het NSA IP address moet veranderen, klik dan op het icoon onder Config.

Om te koppelen NSA aan een Windows netwerkschijf, op het icoon klikken onder Koppelen zie pagina Om het scherm te vernieuwen, klikken op Zoeken.

Directe Toegang Internet Explorer of een andere webbrowser zoals Firefox. Typ nsaplus als website-adres en druk op [Enter] of klik Start. Als u niet in het login scherm kunt komen, wordt verwezen naar de het deel "troubleshooting" achterin deze handleiding.

Voer de default gebruikersnaam admin en wachtwoord in en klik op Login. De gebruikersnaam en het paswoord zijn hoofdlettergevoelig. Controleer of u niet de hoofdlettertoetsen aan heeft staan. Het wordt aanbevolen om een nieuw wachtwoord aan te maken en dit op te schrijven. Klik op Toepassen om de veranderingen op te slaan en naar het volgende scherm te gaan. Het My NSA scherm verschijnt. Klik op Beheer. Indien uw harde schijf al een volume heeft dat u wilt gebruiken, sla dit deel dan over6.

Voor het wissen van een bestaand volume, zie het hofdstuk OpslagSchermen in de Gebruikershandleiding. JBOD maximale data-opslag ruimte Gebruik de volledige opslagcapaciteit van elke schijf, ook als er twee harde schijven met verschillende opslagcapaciteiten zijn. De totale data-opslagruimte is gelimiteerd tot twee keer de opslag van de kleinste schijf. RAID 1 aanbevolen Maakt een schaduwkopie van de data van de ene schijf op de andere voor dataveiligheid. RAID 1 is langzamer dan RAID 0, maar u kunt alle data herstellen als een schijf uitvalt.

Voeg een naam in in het veld Volumenaam. Klik op Apply om de creatie van het volume aan te maken. U kunt het volume gebruiken als de status Veilig is.

Voor een RAID volume is de status Resync totdat het volume gereed is. U slaat bestanden op de NSA op in gedeelde folders zgn. Koppel een NSA share aan een Windows netwerkschijf om Windows Explorer te kunnen gebruiken om bestanden over te brengen naar en van de NSA. Na het koppelen van een share, kunt u de bestanden tussen uw computer en de NSA verslepen. Klik op het KOPPELEN icoon in de zoekhulp. In Windows Explorer verschijnt de NSA openbare map. Selecteer in het Schijf veld een schijfletter om te gebruiken voor de NSA.

Selecteer in het Map veld de NSA u moet misschien bladeren om dit te vinden. Vereisten Memeo Autobackup werkt met Windows Werkstation met Service Pack 6, Windows XP Pro, of Windows XP Home Edition.

Memeo Autobackup Installatie en Setup. Het Memeo Autobackup programma gebruikt dezelfde netwerkpoort als het programma om de NSA te doorzoeken. Om een poortconflict te vermijden, dient u het programma uit te zetten alvorens Memeo Autobackup te gebruiken.. Omdat de computer opnieuw aangezet moet worden, dient u andere bestanden en programma's te sluiten alvorens de Memeo Autobackup Software te installeren.

Klik op het Instrumenten icoon op het scherm dat verschijnt. Klik dan op Memeo Instant Backup Software. Volg de instructies om de software te installeren.

Memeo Autobackup vereist Microsoft. NET versie 1. De wizard installeert dit voor uw als het nog niet op uw computer aanwezig is. Wanneer het volgende scherm getoond wordt, klik dan op Mijn Netwerklocaties en klik op de link om uw backup-map te selecteren. Selecteer de mapped lokaties van de NSA en klik op OK. Selecteer op dit scherm de bestanden die uw wilt back-uppen. Op dit scherm wordt een lijst verschaft van de bestanden die u voor back-up geselecteerd heeft.

Bevestig uw selecties en klik op Volgende. Voer een naam voor uw backup-project in of gebruik de standaardnaam. Klik op Volgende en vervolgens Gereed. Zorg dat de NSA aan staat. Controleer de kabelaanluitingen van de NSA. Controleer of densa LAN LED van de die zich van in de LAN poort bevindt aan is of knippert. Als u heeft geprobeerd om direct in te loggen door de servernaam in te toetsen standaardinstelling nsaplus in het adresveld van uw webbrower, controleer dan of u het adres juist getypt heeft.

Als het nog niet werkt, probeer het dan met gebruik van de zoekhulp. Zorg ervoor dat het IP-adres van uw computer zich in het zelfde subnet als het IP-adres van NSA bevindt.

U kunt de zoekhulp gebruiken om het IP-adres van NSA te vinden. Zie de appendix van de Gebruikshandleiding voor het instellen van het IP-adres van uw computer in het geval u dit wilt veranderen.

Sla dit over als u weet dat zich routers bevinden tussen uw computer en de NSA zoals wanneer u via het Internet verbinding maakt. Ping de NSA van uw computer. Klik op een Windows computer, Start, Alle Programma's, Accessoires en vervolgens Opdrachtregel.

Typ in het Opdrachtregel venster ping gevolgd door het IP-adres van de NSA en druk op [ENTER]. Gebruik de zoekhulp om het IP-adres van de NSA te vinden als u dit niet weet. Gebruik Internet Explorer 6. Dra ut diskvaggan. Den blinkar medan trafik skickas eller tas emot.

Du stanger av NSA genom att trycka in och halla kvar stromknappen tills du hor en signal. Sedan slapper du knappen. Installationsguiden startar. JBOD max. video, grafik och spel. Den publika katalogen i NSA visas i Windows Explorer. Systemkrav Memeo Autobackup fungerar med Windows Workstation med Service Pack 6, Windows XP Pro eller Windows XP Home Edition.

Memeo Autobackup fordrar Microsoft. Kontrollera NSAs kabelanslutningar. Kontrollera att datorns IP-adress finns i samma subnet som NSAs IP-adress. 確認電源線與乙太網路線都已自 NSA 拔除 2. 鬆開後面板上的翼形螺釘, 開啟後面板 使用螺絲起子卸下磁碟槽的固定螺絲 4. 將磁碟槽滑出 5. 將硬碟置於平坦的表面上, 螺絲孔朝上 再將磁碟槽置於其上方, 並用螺絲加以固定, 如圖所示


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