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At home tips for common hearing aid issues

As a hearing aid wearer, you don’t want to rush to your hearing instrument specialist every time something isn’t quite right. Surely you can fix some simple problems on your own? Absolutely! Here’s how to easily fix the most common hearing aid problems from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

My Hearing Aids Seem to be Dead

If your hearing aids aren’t producing any sound, there’s clearly something very wrong. Check to see if your hearing aid is turned on and adjust the settings. Still not working? It’s time to check the battery. It’s a common mistake to insert the battery upside down, or fail to close the door properly, so it could just be a matter of flipping the battery or double checking the battery door to get your hearing aid back to turn on.

My Hearing Aids Are Too Quiet

If your hearing aids are working but the sound seems to be muffled or too soft, there is likely a buildup of wax on the microphone or earmold. Try thoroughly cleaning your hearing aid. It’s surprising how many problems a good cleaning will fix. Your ears are constantly exposed to dirt, dust, debris, and moisture, which cause damage to your hearing aids. To keep your hearing aids in good working order, consider adding a quick cleaning to your daily morning routine.

Use a soft, dry cloth, wipe your hearing aids carefully to remove any dirt. Check for earwax so it never has a chance to build up or cause problems. This can greatly prolong the life of your hearing aid. If your ears produce a lot of wax and you’re wearing a behind-the-ear model, you can remove the earmolds and wash them in warm water with a mild soap. Rinse very thoroughly, and make sure they’re completely dry before you reattaching them! Never get your hearing aids wet.

Another possible explanation for the low volume is damage or moisture in the tubing. Check them carefully for cracks or fraying that could be diverting your volume away from your ears. If you find damage, come visit us for repairs.

If you’ve tried all these tricks for making your hearing aid louder and nothing’s working, it’s possible your hearing has changed. It’s time for a hearing test. We’ll advise you on the next steps, and see if it’s time to upgrade your hearing aids.

The Sound is Distorted

If the sound coming from your hearing aid is distorted, check the battery. Distortions are often caused by corroded or damaged battery contacts. This is the part of the hearing aid that connects to the battery, allowing power to flow to the hearing aid. When the contacts are damaged, the power flow is uneven and the sound will often be distorted.

Located inside the battery door, the contacts are easily damaged by dust, debris, moisture or earwax. Remove the battery from the case and clean the contacts thoroughly with a soft, dry cloth. Replace the battery and try again. The sound should have improved. You can also try a new battery, as the battery you’re using may be faulty.

My Hearing Aid Whistles or Has Feedback

If you’re experiencing a lot of whistling or feedback from your hearing aids, the first thing to try is to reduce the volume. Feedback happens when the sound your hearing aid has amplified is picked up again by the microphone. This is often enough to stop the whistling, and leave you hearing clearly in any environment.

If that’s not working, take your hearing aids out and put them back in. It’s possible they weren’t inserted properly, and that was causing the feedback. If the feedback persists, your hearing aid or earmolds might not fit you properly. When the hearing aids aren’t sealing your ear, sounds sneak in past the hearing aids and create feedback. Visit us at Arizona Balance and Hearing Aids to check the fit of your hearing aid, and stop that annoying whistling.

Hearing Aid Maintenance and Care

You rely on your hearing aids to make your everyday life a breeze. If they aren’t functioning properly, we know it’s not just an irritation, but a problem that affects your whole day.

If you’re having trouble with your hearing aids and these simple fixes aren’t working, we’re always here to help. Drop in anytime with us at Arizona Balance and Hearing Aids, and we’ll take a look at your hearing aids, repair any damage, perform a thorough cleaning, and make sure your devices are in great working order.

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