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Best Hearing Aids for Active Lifestyles

Burgeoning technology makes it possible for even the most active people with hearing loss to continue to pursue their passions. If you are coping with hearing loss, but love to swim, run, hike, cycle, rock climb, or play sports outdoors, there are many hearing aid options for people who have active lifestyles.

Issues You May Have with Your Hearing Aids

Outdoor activities can present many issues for the hearing aid wearer.

Wind Issues

Runners, walkers, and cyclists can find themselves struggling with wind in their hearing aids, causing uncomfortable noise.

Moisture Problems

Another worry for athletic hearing aid wearers is that the device may be damaged by unexpected rain or by perspiration.

Adjustment Difficulty

While on the go, it can be difficult to make on-the-fly adjustments to hearing aids in order to adapt to changing environments.

Best Hearing Aids for Active Lifestyles

Fortunately, new technology within several hearing aid lines can eliminate these problems, allowing you to fully enjoy your active lifestyle with comfort and confidence. Some hearing aid options are designated “Made for iPhone”, which means they connect with iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch devices to make your hearing aids work like Bluetooth stereo headphones. Some also feature Android compatibility.

Here are three of the best options:

ReSound LiNX2

Constructed from the highest quality, durable materials, every component is coated with iSolate™ nanotech inside and out to repel water, dust and corrosive substances such as earwax and sweat. These hearing aids stand up to the punishment of everyday life, while barely invisible. This product is Made for iPhone.

ReSound LiNX2 hearing aids deploy an array of premium audiological features that emulate the human ear, and take advantage of the brain’s natural ability to process sounds. Its features include Binaural Directionality™II with Spatial Sense. By continually exchanging data about the sound environment, two hearing aids dynamically optimize directionality settings in all listening scenarios, preserving the spatial cues needed to detect where sounds are coming from. Other important features such as Binaural Optimizer ™ II, Noise Tracker™, Sound Shaper™, and Windguard™ work in synchronicity to reduce unwanted noise, provide feedback cancellation, and help to make high pitched sounds audible again by lowering pitch, without compromising speech understanding.

Starkey Halo

Features of the Starkey Halo include feedback cancellation, improved high-frequency sound by lowering pitch, and directional microphones that work together with noise reduction technology in changing environments. The SoundSpace tool on the TruLink app lets you make minor adjustments to sound quality to suit your particular preferences on the go. HydraShield™2 nano coatings repel both water and wax.

This Made for iPhone hearing aid, along with the user-friendly TruLink™ Hearing Control app, is engineered to work with Apple devices to stream calls, music and more, directly from your iPhone to your hearing aids.

Siemens Aquaris

With Aquaris, you can work in the garden, perspire at the gym, swim and dive, all while delivering great sound quality with comfort and clarity. Exceptionally sturdy, built to withstand rough-and-tumble activities, this unit is also ideal for kids and teens. It has all of the award winning features of Siemens state-of-the-art hearing aids, coupled with extra protection and convenience of Bluetooth connectivity for streamlined hearing experience. Talk to your hearing professional about which aids would best enhance your busy and active lifestyle.

This is hearing at its best, the Siemens Aquaris lets the sound in, keeps the elements out. This is the only truly waterproof, dust-proof, scratch-proof, and shockproof hearing aid on the market, with a completely sealed housing and battery door and an attachable sport clip for extra security. Aquaris is perfect for people who spend time in demanding environments, keeping the delicate inner workings of your hearing aids safe from potentially damaging dust, sweat, and humidity.

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