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Manufacturers and researchers are constantly on the hunt for the next big advancement in hearing aid technology. And every year, their hard work pays off with incredible advancements in hearing aid performance and functionality.

This year is no different, with 2016 bringing some truly incredible hearing aids onto the market. From digital connectivity to super-fast sound processing, these hearing aids are the ones changing the game this year.

Early this year, Signia unveiled what they call their most advanced hearing aid platform yet with the Primax aid. It was the first with technology clinically proven by independent studies to reduce the effort required in listening – plus providing “better than normal” hearing in tough listening environments. That means an easier time understanding what’s being said in busy restaurants and cocktail bars, where disruptive sounds are a continuous problem.

Using the binax platform, the Primax provides a binaural experience for easier listening. Plus, Primax boasts the SpeechMaster system, which is specifically designed to enhance speech by orchestrating digital noise reduction, directionality and amplification for a fuller, richer and more intuitive listening experience.

Music lovers will love the Signia Primax as well, since it has an HD Music platform to make music even better through the aid. Pair that with EchoShield to soften echoes, and Signia Primax wearers will find a whole new world in hearing with this state-of-the-art aid.

Just like the Starkey Halo, ReSound’s LiNX 2 is the perfect aid for the perpetually connected. It’s made for iPhone technology isn’t its best feature, though. The LiNX 2 boasts Binaural Directionality II and Spatial Sense.

Binaural Directionality allows the brain to pick up the right sounds when you need them, and Spatial Sense hones in on the direction that the sound comes from for more context. Both work with the brain’s natural ability to process sounds. That means more effortless hearing that leaves a wearer less tired or taxed after a challenging sound situation.

Additional SureFit receivers pairs more comfort with better sound quality, and iSolate nanotech coating repels dust and water to keep your hearing aids working better for longer.

Powered by the Synergy platform, the Starkey Muse takes its promise of “Made for Life” seriously. Part of a family of wireless hearing instruments new from Starkey, the Muse offers high-quality sound without sacrificing comfort and personalized listening.

Like other wireless hearing aids from Starkey, the Starkey Muse connects with SurfLink to connect with phones, music players and other media players to stream sound directly to the aids. The Muse offers a high-definition music listening experience as well, which makes it the perfect aid for musicians and music aficionados.

Feedback cancellation and excellent speech intelligibility makes it a great hearing companion for challenging sound environments. An enhanced radio sensitivity also means a streaming range that’s double that of older Starkey models, too. Last but not least, Starkey’s Multiflex Tinnitus Therapy is perfect for those who experience tinnitus as well as single-sided deafness – a unique feature of the Muse.

Oticon’s OPN uses Oticon’s exclusive BrainHearing technology, which works in harmony with your brain to provide sound solutions that are more intuitive than other aids. The OPN aid uses a scanner operating at 100 scans per second to analyze a sound environment and adjust accordingly. This hones in on individuals sounds and adjusts levels as needed.

At 50 times faster than previous technology, the OPN aid is distinct in its processing ability. The OPN means improved speech recognition by 30%, and listening effort reduction by 20%. That means an easier time listening to conversations in noisy environments, with an aid that can easily separate between noise and sound. Pair that with Bluetooth connectivity for digital devices and the OPN is one of the top aids in 2016.

Ready to take 2016’s best aids for a test drive? Contact our team to learn about how you can start your path toward better hearing with one of these groundbreaking hearing aids.

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