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An introduction to the world of hearing aids

The sense of hearing in humans is far more complicated than just sound going in a small hole in your head. This is probably not well understood until you notice that you can’t hear as well anymore. Now sure, you can still hear the “big” sounds like a slamming car door, your boss’s boisterous laugh and fireworks, but some are not so obvious. Your audiologist can help you get the precise levels of hearing you need through personalized hearing aid technology. Read on to learn more about the basics of hearing loss and hearing aids.

Background Noise

Hearing well in a busy restaurant or other noisy environment is, perhaps, the ultimate test on your ears. Most people with some degree of high frequency hearing loss report difficulty hearing or understanding speech in these environments. Analog hearing aids of the past were unable to accurately fix this problem and provided a subpar experience for wearer. They simply amplified all incoming sound without being able to discern speech sounds from noise. Today’s digital hearing aids can help you enjoy your dinner with friends by differentiating normal speech levels from other background noises in an accurate and natural manner.

Mistaking One Word For Another

When you can’t hear some frequencies of sound as well as others, it can be frustrating to those around you because it can cause a lot of confusion during conversations. If you find yourself constantly mistaking one word for any other similar sounding word, it is definitely time to schedule a professional hearing evaluation. A hearing test will check your frequency threshold and verbal cues to see where you need the most assistance. A pair of digital hearing aid can then be custom fitted to provide you with the most comfortable listening experience possible given your level of loss.

Not Being Able To Hear Women And Children

Hearing loss does not typically occur at the same rate across all frequencies. Often times, the sound of women and children’s voices is the first to be lost. This is because of the higher frequency “hearing cells” being damaged by years of noise exposure. This specific problem can be alleviated by modern, digital hearing aids as they can be programmed according to your individual needs.

Ringing In Your Ears

For some people, hearing a ringing or buzzing sound in their ear occurs simultaneously with hearing loss. This ringing, also called Tinnitus, can be caused by overexposure to loud noises. Simply seeking treatment for your hearing loss may incur the added benefit of helping the tinnitus as well. Mention the issue to your Audiologist to learn more about options that best suit your lifestyle.

Muffled Sounds

Imagine yourself talking to your family doctor. You ask a question and it sounds like he’s talking back to you from underneath a pillow. When it sounds as though people are muffled or even like they are underwater when they talk to you, you may have some degree of hearing loss. A professional hearing test can confirm this suspicion and offer insight as to how best to treat it.

The active lifestyle of today’s adults doesn’t allow time to be bothered with hearing loss. If you notice any of these signs, be sure to get evaluated by an experienced audiologist in your area. A thorough hearing evaluation and a wide variety of treatment options are just a phone call away. If you are located in the Phoenix, AZ area, we invite you to schedule a complete hearing evaluation with Dr. Dana Day. You'll be glad you did!

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