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Every year new advancements take the hearing aid world by storm, and 2017 has been no exception. Whether it’s improvements in battery performance, connectivity features, or powerful programs that revolutionize the way you hear, we’re excited about each and every change. Here are a few of the awesome hearing aids from 2017 that you should know about.

Oticon OPN

One of our favorite hearing aids from 2017 isn’t new from this year, but has made some awesome changes worth talking about. This year, OPN released two new models, the fully rechargeable miniRITE, and the BTE13PP, a powerful hearing aid that combines power and sophistication in this device that’s fast becoming a favorite for those with severe hearing loss. Their best features, like their Open Sound Navigator and Speech Guard programs, have been combined with newly released features such as the Speech Rescue LX and the Tinnitus SoundSupport, so you’ll have clear hearing like never before.

And don’t just take our word for it. The 2017 Edison Awards thought OPN was pretty awesome too, and gave Oticon a gold award in the Health & Wellness category, recognizing their innovative designs that combine creativity with the best in functionality.

ReSound LiNX 3D

If you want the best in connectivity, look no further than the awesome new hearing aid from ReSound. The LiNX 3D is a Made For iPhone device that gives you the best in clear hearing, spatial awareness, and speech understanding in any listening environment. What makes the LiNX 3D so special is the connectivity technology that allows you to stream phone calls, music, and audio from your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Apple Watch directly to your hearing aids. For any other smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled device, your hearing aids will function like wireless headphones, so you’ll never have trouble connecting with your other devices. New in 2017, ReSound has also released a rechargeable model of their popular LiNX 3D device.

Widex Beyond Z

Widex doesn’t always get a lot of press, but they’re a manufacturer that makes some awesome hearing aids. Their devices offer full streaming capabilities without compromising battery life. This means you can stream longer with less power, and enjoy the sophisticated design that gives you natural hearing in any situation. For ultimate control, the Beyond app allows you to adjust settings and save templates for certain environments, so with just one touch your hearing aids will match your specific hearing needs in that situation.

The latest advancement in Widex technology is the addition of a rechargeable battery to one of their best-selling models, Beyond. This Made For iPhone hearing aid will soon be available with a Z Power system, meaning you’ll be getting a fully rechargeable hearing aid that provides a lot of power. Not only that, but if you ever find yourself out of charge, you can simply swap the rechargeable batteries with zinc-air batteries for the day.

Signia Pure 13 BT

New from Signia this year is their Pure 13 BT device, featuring Made For iPhone technology. It offers the best in sound quality, connectivity, battery life, and even hearing care. As a Made For iPhone device, the Pure 13 BT places a lot of importance on amazing audio, and will stream high quality sound right to your ears. The entire device can be easily controlled using the myControl App, which allows you to make custom changes to the program settings, volume, and balance. What’s so awesome about this app is that it will also create a personalized sound profile of your noise exposure, so you’ll know when and where your hearing is at risk.

One exciting innovation found only in the Pure 13 BT is a motion detection program for better hearing. The device uses the iPhone motion sensors to tell your hearing aids you’re in motion, and to provide information about your movement. Your hearing aids will dynamically adjust the programs and settings as the listening environment shifts, so you can easily carry on a conversation with the person walking with you while still maintaining awareness of other sounds around you, such as sirens, warning sounds, approaching vehicles, or other pedestrians.

Ready to check out some of the awesome hearing aids of 2017? Visit us at Arizona Balance & Hearing Aids for a hearing assessment, and to learn more about these and other top selling hearing devices that will have you hearing in no time.

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